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UK Defense Minister: Russia is ‘danger’ to Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

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Michael Fallon is the Defense Minister for the United Kingdom who continues to sound the alarm on Russian aggression in the Baltic States, once a part of the former Soviet Union.  Fallon is worried that the events that are transpiring currently in Ukraine could reoccur in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.  Russia, while has no official troops in Ukraine, has been arming and providing support to a group of Russian separatists, that in some cases, were once special forces soldiers for the Russian Army.  Despite a recent cease fire agreement signed between the rebels and the Ukrainian government, fighting still rages on in east and does not look like it will end soon.

UK Defense Minister: Russia is 'danger' to Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

“I’m worried about Putin”

During an interview with The Times and the Daily Telegraph regarding Britain’s role in fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone, Defense Minister Fallon told reporters that he was worried about Putin and his ability to continue to the conflict in Eastern Europe.  His comments come days after two Russian military aircraft were intercepted by RAF fighter jets near the Cornwall coast.  Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron has continually warned Russia to cease its activities in Eastern Ukraine or face economic and financial destabilization for “many years to come”.  However Russia continues to ignore the requests and sanctions brought on by the UK, US, Europe, etc.

An attack against one member is an attack against all

Fallon continues to tell members of NATO to prepare for continued Russian aggression in the Baltic area.  However, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia are all three members of NATO.  Being that the principle of NATO is to support and defend members, while promoting peace around the world, Fallon suggests that an attack on these states is crossing the line and would require intense action from NATO.  World leaders of NATO continue to back the Baltic States and warn Russia that an attack of its member states would result in swift action.

As Russia continues to probe defenses of the US and UK, it certainly seems that we are once again experiencing widespread aggression and a preparation for a much larger conflict.  “When you have jets being flown up the English Channel, when you have submarines in the North Sea, it looks to me like it’s warming u” Fallon said on the Russian situation.  Whatever happens, NATO must continue to prepare itself for the unknown ahead.

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