Where Is The Outrage Over Russia?

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Whatever his other habits, our president is not one to turn the other cheek. No criticism or insult goes unanswered.

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But he is as quick to defend the honor of America as he is to defend his own honor. Just ask the football players who dared to kneel during the national anthem.

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Nearly his entire State of the Union address was a series of shout-outs to audience members who exemplified what was great about America. Indeed, his entire presidential campaign was based on the promise of making America great again.

For too long, we have let foreigners play us. For far too long, we have allowed our trade partners to take advantage of us and our military allies to pay much less than their fair share of defense spending.
Never accused of being overly deliberative, President Trump has usually made his displeasure known instantaneously. Just ask Lyin’ Ted Cruz, Crooked Hillary Clinton, Liddle Bob Corker, Little Mario Rubio, or anyone else who might have given offense.

On Friday, FBI Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller obtained a federal grand jury indictment against a group of thirteen Russians with close ties to President Vladimir Putin for meddling in the last presidential election. This cyber-attack on the bedrock of our democratic form of government could conceivably be as damaging as a military attack.

President Trump’s own national security advisor, General H. R. McMaster observed that “with the FBI indictment, the evidence is incontrovertible” of Russian cyber-meddling. It is highly unlikely that McMaster would have made this statement without having first checked with the president.

For more than a year Trump has denied that the Russians intervened in the last presidential election, labelling the claim of Russian meddling a “hoax”. Indeed, he considered this suggestion a personal affront since it implied that just maybe he might not have beaten Hillary Clinton without Russian assistance.

Well, it turns out the claim of Russian meddling was no hoax. So what was the president’s immediate reaction to this extremely serious revelation? It was completely predictable. He tweeted: “The Trump campaign did nothing wrong – no collusion.”

He was right! There was absolutely no proof of collusion. So far, so good. But let us remember that this man also happens to be our command-in-chief. And yet, that’s all he had to say about a foreign attack on our nation’s political system?

He didn’t even hurl personal insults at Putin as he did at Little Rocket Man. But North Korea never attacked us; Russia did.

What ever happened to America first? Or make America great? Whatever else we know about our president, we know he cannot let an insult go unanswered. Surely a cyber-attack on our political system could be taken as a personal insult to our command in chief.

All Americans have been left to wonder: Where’s the outrage?

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