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Rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Colors

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At this point, there isn’t much we don’t know about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Of course, it is leak season in the tech world. Plus, if the Galaxy Note 8 launch is as close as some expect, it would make sense for the rumor mill to be firing on all cylinders. Still, we haven’t heard much about Galaxy Note 8 colors. Of course, the color of your device might be one of the least important features. Still, some people might want to start planning what matching outfit they’re going to wear on launch day.

Roland Quandt Tweeted some news about the expected Galaxy Note 8 colors. Check this out:

Galaxy Note 8 Colors

See that at the end?


Black isn’t really news. Every phone comes in black. Black is like the friend that’s always there for you. It goes with every outfit. No one will ever look at your black smartphone and say, “You got the black one?!” Black in the smartphone world is like vanilla in the ice cream world; it doesn’t make waves. It doesn’t cause controversy or debate. It’s just a good, solid color choice.

Orchid Grey is a lighter option that we have also seen on devices like the Galaxy S8. This will be a perfect choice for someone who likes a light-colored device but doesn’t want that unnatural stark white color. Orchid Grey looks like a soft, natural metal. I’m personally a fan of Orchid Grey’s inclusion in the Galaxy Note 8 colors. When you give me the choice of black or white, I’m choosing black without more thought than it takes to generate the words in my brain and force the sounds out my mouth. However, give me the option of black and Orchid Grey… Now we have a bit of a challenge. Both look great.

Now to the real news here: Deep Blue. The Galaxy S8, S8+, and Note 7 all had a light, Coral Blue color. Deep Blue sounds much more… Deep. This could be some confusion or a rename of an existing color but the name “Deep Blue” sounds like a darker version of the Coral we have seen in previous launches from Samsung. I hope the color ends up being a little darker. The Coral Blue was a little light for my tastes. It looked like the color of a onezie you would give to a baby boy but not the color of an adult’s smartphone. Maybe I’m thinking about this way too much but that’s what they pay me for.

Finally, the very last two words of that Tweet from Roland: At least. Two words that are so simple but also have the ability to send the tech world into a color-based frenzy. Now, before you get too excited, this could be an indication that there will be region or carrier-specific colors available. This happens quite a bit in the smartphone world. Europe gets an additional color while AT&T gets their own exclusive color, and Korea gets another, different color. With that said, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Samsung release another color, especially if the Deep Blue rumor turns out to be a darker blue than the Coral we have already seen from Samsung. Rose gold is incredibly popular. Many people still love white smartphones. Or, maybe they go a whole new direction and show off a bold new color like red.

The Galaxy Note 8 colors (and mystery colors) are pretty much the only question mark left surrounding the launch of the device. We know that the launch date will likely fall in September as Samsung aims to beat the iPhone 8 to market. It also appears that the Galaxy Note 8 will come with one of the best smartphone displays on the market. Many analysts are expecting to see a 6.4 inch infinity display with 4K resolution. That kind of resolution will be great for your Gear VR headset. Powering all of that awesomeness will be a Snapdragon 835 in the United States and an Exynos 8895 in other regions. And that’s just a taste of what’s to come. We should learn more, officially, when Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 8 in August.

There you have it! New Galaxy Note 8 colors to chew on and get your smartphone rumor fix. Are you going to stay with the classic, tried and tested black or will you get a little adventurous and go for a Deep Blue?

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