Copper Nokia 8 Shown In New Leaked Images

Copper Nokia 8 Shown In New Leaked Images
Image Source: (screenshot)

Recently-leaked images show a copper Nokia 8 and reveal a few more key details about the upcoming phone. The initially-leaked photographs missed the Carl Zeiss branding. However, the updated images do show the smartphone with a Zeiss imprint, notes The Verge.

What the leaked images of the copper Nokia 8 tell us

First leaked on the Chinese social site Baidu, the Nokia 8 photos show a handset in copper/ gold coloring. So far, leaks have shown blue and steel color variants of the smartphone.

“It’s kind of ugly, but that could just be the light, which is less than pristine, and was more than likely shot on the sly,” The Verge says talking of the copper Nokia 8.

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