Robotics are bringing seniors and pets back together

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In recent years research has increasingly begun to indicate just how important pets are in the lives of seniors. Whether it is physical or emotional benefits, pets seem to have healing powers when it comes to improving the lives of seniors. Yet in some cases, pet ownership amongst seniors is just not possible. However, advancements in technology are working towards changing this. With toys powered by artificial intelligence and the invention of robotic pets, seniors can enjoy all the great things about pet ownership, without any negatives.

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Why some seniors can't own robotic pets?

Pets, be it cats, dogs or even fish, are great companions. With an aging population that is reporting feelings of loneliness at an alarming rate, animals are proving a great antidote to this. However, for some seniors, as they age, it can be difficult to own pets.

For example, mobility issues may prevent seniors from walking a dog or cleaning the cat’s litter box. In other cases, seniors may not have adequate retirement income. Meaning that caring for a pet simply becomes too expensive to manage. While some seniors may move into retirement communities that simply do not allow pets.

The importance of pets to seniors

People’s relationships with their pets impact wellness and health in many surprising ways. Taking the dog for a walk results in better fitness levels and thus improved cardiovascular health. Having a companion who is loyal and loving helps combat feelings of loneliness and thus reduces stress levels. While simply owning a pet can open people up to new avenues of friendship and communication.

Pets are particularly important to seniors. Once retirement calls it can be easy to get lost in the sheer amount of free time. Owning and caring for a pet provides seniors with a routine and thus a purpose. This subsequently works wonders for mental and physical health while also increasing the quality of life for seniors. Making pets the perfect retirement companion.

How technology is changing pet ownership for seniors

While technology hasn’t always been a friend to seniors, new advancements are changing the relationship for the better. From technological developments like Go Dogo and even robotic pets, there are now more options than ever for seniors who wish to own pets. This can only mean great news for the physical and mental health of the older generation.

Go Dogo

In essence, Go Dogo is an interactive activity toy that utilizes artificial intelligence to use means of positive reinforcement to exercise a dog’s mind. This is an important device for seniors who can no longer tend to the physical needs of their pets all the time.

Go Dogo lets a dog earn treats by stimulating challenges. While building self-confidence this activity toy also stimulates a dog’s brain. Mounted on a television screen, this device releases treats when the dog completes the tasks ordered by the animated instructor. Therefore helping seniors keep their pets active without even needing to leave the house.

Robotic pets

Robotic pets such as dogs, cats, parrots, and horses are changing the face of pet ownership. With realistic fur coats and almost life-like movements, robotic pets are the spitting image of real-life pets. Except robotic pets don’t require food, water, the exercise of vet check-ups. Therefore, the invention and subsequent introduction of robotic pets into the market means that all the obstacles in the way of seniors owning pets are removed.

A final thought on robotic pets

The barriers in the way of seniors owning pets are quite sad, considering just how much impact a furry friend has on the physical and emotional health of an older person. That’s why the creation of things like robotic pets is so heartening, as seniors can enjoy having a pet without worrying about being good caretakers. Finally, with the rate of technological advancements ever-growing, these robotic pets could soon become caretakers for seniors.

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