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Rick Santelli Insults Meredith Whitney, Rips Obama

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Rick Santelli Insults Meredith Whitney, Rips ObamaI do not necessarily agree with all of Rick Santelli’s views, but he always provides some comical insight. He tells it like it is, and although few realize it, Santelli is the the founder of the tea party.

Two great videos.

First one Santelli insults Meredith Whitney, see below:

Rick Santelli reacts to President Obama’s blame game when it comes to the downgrade of the United States of America’s credit rating. Santelli says that if it wasn’t for the tea party movement, America’s credit would have been downgraded to BBB.

He also responds to the argument that we have a revenue problem by comparing it to his wife spending 30% more money then telling him to get 2 more jobs.

Below is Santelli’s latest rant:

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