The Future Of The US Economy: The Richest US States In 5 Years Revealed!

The Future Of The US Economy: The Richest US States In 5 Years Revealed!
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  • A new index by Moneypenny ranks all 50 US states to forecast the richest, based on real GDP, personal income per capita, and Zillow home value data over the past 5–10 years

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  • California is 2025’s richest state with a predicted real GDP of $3,321,441.4 and home value of $740,577.00
  • Massachusetts places second with a personal income per capita of $88,350.19

Predicting The Economic Health Of Each State

With a 33% real GDP annual increase in Q3 2020(1), the US remains one of the richest countries in the world, however, with change sweeping the states it is time to look at which will be the wealthiest as the decade progresses.

After analyzing real GDP(2) and personal income per capita(2) over the past 10 years, as well as Zillow(3) home value data over the past 5 years, leading outsourced communications company, Moneypenny, has created an index that predicts the economic health of each state in 5 years.

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Using a forecasting algorithm, each location was given a total score to represent its overall wealth and was then placed in order from largest to smallest and given a ranking from 1 – 50.

The Top 5 Richest States

The top 5 richest states are as follows:

Rank State Real GDP

(est. 2025)

Personal Income

(est. 2025)

Home Value

(est. 2025)

Total Score
1 California $3,321,441.49 $81,477.61 $740,577.00 2.71
2 Massachusetts $581,983.91 $88,350.19 $808,818.50 2.13
3 Washington $723,533.81 $78,901.54 $837,816.32 2.00
4 New York $1,637,028.44 $86,460.65 $480,559.02 1.95
5 Hawaii $90,804.57 $67,248.07 $822,628.98 1.52

California takes a clear lead as the state predicted to be the most stable in 2025, with a total index score of 2.71 followed by Massachusetts (2.13), Washington (2.00), New York (1.95), and Hawaii (1.52).

The 2025 index has also outlined which states may have the weakest economic health out of all in the US.

The Weakest States

Those that feature at the bottom are:

Rank State Real GDP Personal Income Home Value Total Score
46 Alabama $211,359.09 $50,842.99 $231,933.73 0.36
47 Oklahoma $221,707.50 $52,796.30 $189,865.16 0.35
48 Arkansas $125,881.09 $52,241.94 $186,099.36 0.30
49 West Virginia $73,126.13 $47,405.80 $123,452.55 0.09
50 Mississippi $104,703.04 $44,106.98 $150,811.84 0.06

Commenting on the index, Joanna Swash, Group CRO of Moneypenny said: “It’s really interesting to see what the economic position of each state might look like in 2025. All three factors that make up the index are extremely important in determining how wealthy a state is.”

To see where your state ranks, or to have a look at the full index, please visit:

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