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Richard Branson Talks Drug War, Space Travel, Founding Of Virgin Atlantic, And Leadership – SALT 2015

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Richard Branson at SALT 2015 some very informal notes.


Richard Branson on founding Virgin Atlantic

Telling stories about trips to vegas

his business ideas have come out of frustrations — feeling things could’ve been done better
he was in puerto rico trying to get to the virgin islands — american airlines decided they didnt have enough passengers — he was 28.  so they told the passengers to come back the next day. he wasn’t having it, so he went out to the plan, wrote virgin on it and sold $39 tickets to everyone.  He was 28 at t\he time.  when he got to BVI – he called up and bought a 747

He gave up on school at the age of 15 — he had a learning disability (dyslexia)
He turned it into an opportunity and he delegated well bc of it
he learned to simplify things
Built companies on simplicity
when he was 50 years old, was in a board meeting. he didn’t know the difference between net and gross, so that was the first time he figured out what that meant, when someone took him aside to show him via pictures

if you get the product right, more money will come in then go out
do the absolute best at everything you do

Richard Branson on leadership

what advice do you give to people about building their businesses:
make sure that whatever business you are in, make sure you enjoy and be proud of it
what you do with the money makes a difference
make employees proud and feel like they are successful
managers should praise their employees. don’t say anything NEGATIVE as a leader – it has far too much weight behind it
employees will flourish if praised
most of their and your life is spent at work — make sure everyone enjoys
he gives unlimited holiday, paid — you can take as much time as you want off and anytime
it treats people as adults
provide flexibility in the workforce
let people work from home
let people job share
you will get the best out of these people — build a business around your people

Richard Branson on space

showing a video about space travel — had a major setback last year
thinks he can make space travel affordable
spaceships are built like airplanes
putting up more satellites than are currently in the sky — hopes it will get people out of the poverty trap
dreams about hotels in space

100% of money made from speaking events are given straight to his foundation
setting up non profit foundations, run like businesses

Richard Branson on drug war

study on war on drugs –has been a complete failure!  been so for 50 years
they treat drugs as a drug lord problem, not a people problem or health problem
treat the drug addicts who have health issues
portugal does not put anyone in jail for taking drugs
the state will supply clinics to inject the drugs properly and then helps them ween off the drugs
no more overdoses, HIV from needles and a lot less in jail
Why doesn’t America follow suit??????

Source: Wikimedia Commons

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