Report: 13 Year Old Arrested by FBI For Selling Classmates ‘Bitcoins’ For $40

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BROWARD COUNTY, FL – A thirteen year old boy, native to Broward County, Florida was arrested by the FBI for selling his classmates ‘Bitcoins’ for $40 a pop. The fraud was called “One of the most sophisticated scams, law enforcement has ever seen” by the local FBI. The thirteen year old boy, whos’ name won’t be released due to his minor was taken into custody after a parent was made aware and contacted school officials.

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Disclaimer: This is a satirical article.

Kid Sells Classmates' Bitcoins

The thirteen year old reportedly told classmates he inherited a bitcoin fortune and wanted to sell them cheap to be a ‘good friend’ many of his classmates were aware of bitcoins’ actual price thus they thought they were getting a good deal. However, what this thirteen year old was actually selling were decorative physical bitcoins that have no real value. The thirteen year paid $80 that he had saved up from his birthday and imported 500 of these decorative bitcoins from China and sold them at $40 a pop to his classmates, he reportedly sold 340 before he was finally arrested.

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Disclaimer: This is a satirical article.