When To Start The Branding Process [INFOGRAPHIC]

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People often ask what are the common reasons to start branding or rebranding process. Well, it depends of course on the size of your company, years in business etc. But some of the reasons are common for all kind of businesses.

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Some people say: “I need a new logo because we are behind times” and other: “All our marketing materials look like from different companies” so the reasons might be totally different.

In this article, I'm going to present you with the most common reasons why clients decide on hiring a brand identity expert or branding agency to design or redesign their business.

Before we go into the “why” I want to shortly remind you of the importance of branding and what it really is.

Why branding matters?

Branding matters because people will support what you believe much more than what you do. The process of branding is one of discovery, distillation, and activation.

It is the best way to communicate your reason for being, your “why.” When done well, the results of a good branding process select and magnetize the right audience and can last for decades.

True branding can be a bewildering challenge for many managers: either they don’t completely understand the strategic benefits of authentic branding, and/or they assume that branding simply consists of a name, logo and proprietary graphics.

Branding is not only your name, logo and proprietary graphics,

And most certainly don’t realize the full potential for applying relevant branding principles to improve their marketing and communication practices, especially when faced with new competition, changing customer preferences or other market-based trends.

In other words, good branding ensures the right people will come to you.

Branding or Rebranding

Good branding is at the heart of any good business, but most of the branding advice you’ll find online or in person is about making sure that your brand remains consistent in your marketing efforts, or gets improved if it's already established.

In all situations or types of companies, perhaps the biggest challenge for management is to open their minds to new perspectives and creative ideas from outside their business.

Think a brand is just for big businesses? Think again.

Branding is critical for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Your brand is what the outside world thinks of you. That’s it.

Although you can influence your brand through well-designed logos, hilarious ad campaigns, carefully crafted press releases, ultimately, your brand is what the outside world says it is.

And guess what - You can take care of your brand image now by hiring a design or a design team to redesign your brand identity system in order to meet your business objectives (whatever they are)

Why even bother?

Because strong brands are the key to customer loyalty and higher sales. Brands are the most valuable assets many companies possess. But no one agrees on how much they are worth or why.

Strong brands inspire loyalty, and we can’t always put our finger on exactly how they do it.

What happens if your business has never developed a brand, or if you’re just starting out, trying to build a business from scratch?

I have taken into consideration both scenarios: whether you're starting up or you need a rebrand.

Following are most common reasons when you should consider branding or rebranding of all kind of businesses: from startups to large corporations.

Check the infographic below - When To Start Branding by Arek Dvornechuck from Ebaqdesign.com

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