Quickly Generate QR Codes For Any Link, Image or Element In Chrome

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Generating a QR (quick response) code is not rocket science, thanks to the plethora of available ways of generating QR codes. There are many web apps that can generate QR codes easily. Besides these web apps, there are also programs and browser extensions that can generate QR codes for open web pages. But the problem is that all these methods generates codes for the whole page, not for any particular element, this means even if you want a code for only an image or any particular link, you will have to open the entire web page. Fortunately, here’s a Google Chrome extension named Smart QrCode Generator, which creates a QR code for any particular element (like images, links, videos, buttons, etc) on a web page. The main benefit of using this extension is that you don’t have to open the entire web page, and you can generate a code for just about anything.

After installing the Smart QrCode Generator, you will see a new icon in the URL bar. All you need to do is to click on the icon to generate a code for the currently open URL.

Quickly Generate QR Codes For Any Link, Image or Element In Chrome

The above method will generate a QR code that will open the entire web page. But there’s also one more method to generate a code, this is done by using the right click context menu. Let’s say you want to create a QR code for a particular link, image, or any other element on the web page, to do this, right click on that element and then click on “Generate SmartQrCode”. Now you can scan your QR code and your smartphone will open that exact element.

Basically, this extension makes it super easy for smartphone users to open any web page element directly, without opening the complete web page. The most obvious use for this extension is in downloading and installing apps from Google’s Play store or Apple’s App store. But that’s not all, this extension responds well to action buttons, and therefore allows you to directly open an app install page on your smartphone.

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So go ahead, use this Chrome extension to generate a QR code for anything on the web page. It generates QR code in a breeze and using it is so easy that anyone can do it.

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