How to Create a QR Code with all your WiFi Details

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How many times have you been asked the same question – what’s your WiFi password? We’ve all asked this question dozens of times and had to patiently reply to that question as well.

Things become hard when you have to shout out that it’s a capital F, small c and things like that. Now here’s a lifehack to make things easy – simply generate a big QR code with your WiFi details and post it to your wall or door so that whenever your friends or guests ask for WiFi password, you simply  tell them to scan this QR code.

A Reddit user named “thatshitischurchyo” put this up in his house.

How to Create a QR Code with all your WiFi Details

QR code scanner app

Try to scan this with a QR code scanner app on your Android and iPhone and you’ll be able to see the network name, type and password. Looks good, right?

Head over to this website, and input your WiFi details correctly and then hit the Generate WiFi QR code button. You’ll now be able to get the QR code. Save it to your computer, print it out and paste it somewhere easily accessible.

Here’s how a sample QR code generated by the website looks like when it’s scanned.


Of course, not to mention that you should only show this QR code to guests or friends that you trust. So the next time someone asks you your WiFi details, simply tell him/her to scan this QR code.

Bonus tip: You can also push the WPS button on your WiFi router to give Internet access to others.

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