Widespread PUBG Mobile Mic Issue Plagues Many Gamers

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PUBG Mobile has become a worldwide hit, but it’s definitely not without its issues. As with any new release supporting hundreds of thousands of players, there are bound to be some issues that need to be ironed out in order to make sure that the game works as intended. One of the most recent bugs that has cropped up is a PUBG Mobile mic issue that is causing a good amount of frustration for a number of players.

While the game runs extremely well by default and is generally free of game-breaking glitches, a number of people have taken to social media and forums in order to figure out more about how the PUBG Mobile mic access works and whether the problems are system-wide or if it’s limited to the specific people having issues.

Considering the amount of feedback around the web regarding the PUBG Mobile mic issues, it appears as if it is, indeed, a problem with the system rather than with people themselves – although Tencent has failed to comment on the issue thus far. The problem happens in approximately 10% of games people play, with the microphone symbol appearing at the Name bar in the gaming interface, but apparently failing to transmit any sort of audio in the form of squad chatter – at least for that particular user.

The number of people having the PUBG Mobile mic issues continues to increase, and a number of gamers have come forward in order to chime in with their own experiences regarding the problem. The amount of people makes the situation clear: it’s a problem with PUBG Mobile rather than a problem with people and their devices.

While the fact that the PUBG Mobile mic issue is so widespread is no doubt a little disappointing to those affected, it’s also a good thing in that it confirms that the problem is on Tencent’s end. For those scouring the web for a solution to the problem, there doesn’t appear that there’s much you can do on your end at this point. Until we see a patch that fixes the PUBG Mobile mic issues, we’ll likely be stuck with the communication problems.

The issue only crops up in a small portion of games for the majority of users, but at higher skill levels in team-based gameplay, it’s important to be able to communicate with your team. Without any sort of reliable fix for the PUBG Mobile mic issues, it’s clear that it may be more difficult to be competitive when playing in teams and requiring the need to issue quick and reliable commands and responses.

At this point, all we can do is wait and hope that Tencent and partners release a quick update to PUBG Mobile and address this problem that has become a major annoyance for a number of gamers. As mentioned above, PUBG Mobile is generally very stable, so don’t let this article deter you from playing if you haven’t had the chance to download. Every game has their issues with release, and considering the massive popularity and success of the PC and console versions, there’s no doubt that Tencent will stop dragging their feet sooner rather than later and bring a brand new patch that fixes the PUBG Mobile mic issues and puts you back in the game with the ability to play to your maximum potential.

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