Fixing PUBG Mobile Internet Error For iOS And Android

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The mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has recently released on iOS and Android, and overall it’s a very enjoyable experience. Some users are reporting a PUBG Mobile internet error, but it’s fortunately relatively easy to fix.

While the majority of people are able to play the game without any issues, there is a small not not-insignificant portion of gamers that are dealing with a PUBG Mobile internet error, with an “Internal Error” popup that suggests your network connection and then try again. In most cases, the issue isn’t actually with your own service, and the fix has a few steps but is generally pretty straightforward to follow.

Here’s how to fix the PUBG Mobile internet error and get back into the action and battling for that top spot in this fast-paced mobile battle arena.

How To Fix PUBG Mobile Internet Error

Multiple users from around the web have reported that changing the DNS server that your phone uses when connecting to the internet can be a good fix. The PUBG Mobile internet error is often as a result of a poor connection, and that’s usually through no fault of your own. The app is usually picking up the default DNS servers from your ISP which are often relatively low quality and quite overrun.

The process is slightly different depending on your operating system, so we’ve included information for both iOS and Android that should help you fix the PUBG Mobile Internet error.


Navigate to the Settings App

Select WiFi and then click the blue “i” button on the right side of the connection cell

Locate the DNS header and select the cell with the Configure DNS option

Select the Manual option, and tap the green “+” symbol to add a new DNS server

Add Google DNS server using the numbers “” and “”

Hit Save. You should now have a new DNS on your device which should address the PUBG Mobile internet error.


The process for Android will vary slightly based on your operating system, the following steps are for a Galaxy S9 Plus on the latest Android Oreo update. These may not be the exact lists you need to follow, depending on your phone, but the process should be relatively similar no matter your Android device.

Open Settings

Tap Connection

Tap WiFi

Hold on the WiFi connection to which you’re currently connected and then tap “Manage network settings”

Under IP settings select Static. Leave IP address and Gateway as they are, but change DNS 1 and DNS 2 to and respectively.

Hit Save.

After following these steps, your internet connection on your phone may reboot, but at this time you should have addressed the PUBG Mobile internet error and will likely be able to get online without any other issues.

Unfortunately, some people are still reporting problems even after following these steps. As a recent release, there’s still some work that the company needs to do on stability and performance, so if changing your DNS doesn’t fix the PUBG Mobile internet error, you may be left with the option of contacting support or just trying again later after a new patch is released.

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