PS5 Console: Latest News Points To Pleasing Price Tag

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Nov 10, 2017 UPDATE – It a week in which the Xbox One X was released, many Sony fans are wondering what the company has in store with the PS5. The console has not been officially announced by the Japanese manufacturer as of yet, but it has been confirmed that there will be a PlayStation 5 release sooner or later.

And analysts are therefore queuing up to deliver their predictions regarding this console, with Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter having recently provided his latest opinion.

Pachter talks pricing

Pachter has already spoken out on a potential release date for the PlayStation 5, and has now offered his thoughts on the price tag of the next-generation console. Pachter believes that the retail price of the next generation of consoles will be no more expensive than the recently released Xbox One X, commenting on the subject as part of his Pachter Factor show on YouTube.

“I don’t think next gen consoles will be $500…though I guess the right answer is, let’s see what happens with the Xbox One X. If Xbox One X is a phenomenal success, if it sells out, if overall Xbox sales rise to above the current level of 10 million a year, because everyone wants that power, then sure, the next gen can be more expensive. But if the Xbox One X only sells between one and two million consoles a year (out of an estimated 10 million Xbox One sales overall) then a price higher than $500 is unlikely,” Pachter opined.

Certainly the view that Sony will monitor the performance of the Xbox One X closely before finalizing its arrangements for the PS5 would seem to be a sound opinion.

There is no need for the Japanese corporation to take chances, as it already holds a massive lead over Microsoft in the current console generation. While the Xbox One X has been rightly praised for being the most powerful console ever released, there is also a lack of exclusive games available for the machine. The overwhelming consensus of opinion is that the PS4 generation is superior in terms of actual titles released.

Release date

As previously reported by ValueWalk, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot Believe that the PS5 will not appear for at least two years. This even seems like a relatively conservative estimate, as there is probably considerable life left in both the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X, meaning that a release date of 2021 is probably more likely for the next generation of consoles.

Both Sony and Microsoft also must deal with a rapidly evolving industry, in which the way that gamers consume technology is changing rapidly. The PS5 and Xbox Two will probably need to be more nimble and flexible than previous console releases, as the notion of a console juggernaut with incredible internal technology reaches the end of its lifecycle.

The Last of Us 2

One thing we have learned in recent weeks is that Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us 2 is unlikely to be a launch title for the PS5. With the latest trailer for the game having been made public, generating both excitement and controversy, most media is reporting that the game will appear in 2018. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if this date is pushed back, but certainly the title should appear on the shelves well before the existence of the PlayStation 5.

Whether a remastered version of The Last of Us 2 could be produced to release alongside the PS5 remains to be seen, but the game will obviously be released on the next-generation console at some point.

Possible specs

When the PS5 does arrive it is certain to be an extremely powerful machine, and will almost certainly outrank the 6 teraflops of graphics processing power that is included in the Xbox One X. The aim with the PS5 will be to deliver 4K resolution gaming at 60 frames per second, and for this to be a stable experience.

We can also expect Sony to release a sequel to its PlayStation VR headset, as virtual reality technology continues its bedding in process.

When Sony confirmed that the PS5 is very much on the agenda, gamers worldwide sat up and took notice. But what do we know about the PS5 so far? Here is a rundown on everything we suspect and expect from this next generation video games console.

PlayStation 5: What To Expect? PS5
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PS5 Release date

Certainly Sony has yet to officially confirm the release date of the PS5, and has dampened down expectation by suggesting that it may appear sometime in the future. However, it is worth noting that manufacturers of technology devices almost always suggest that releases will be significantly delayed, completely regardless of the actual schedules involved.

Nonetheless, with Sony well ahead in its battle with Microsoft, and the PlayStation 4 Pro performing admirably, it does seem likely that the PS5 will appear later rather than sooner. Analyst Damian Thong suggested that the console would arrive in the latter half of 2018, while Michael Pachter stated that the PS5 may not appear until 2020.

The latter of these two estimates seems far more likely, so we probably won’t encounter a new Sony machine this decade.

4K pressure

Regardless of the quality of the PS4 Pro, and the success of Sony in the marketplace, it is irrefutable to state that the Xbox One X is a superior 4K machine. It is a more powerful gaming rig, and delivers 4K resolution in a way that the Sony machine cannot manage.

So the first tick in the box for the PS5 must be native 4K, and ideally at 60 frames per second. Meanwhile, Chris Kingsley, CTO and co-founder of developer Rebellion, has suggested that Sony could go further than that. “Obviously new hardware should be able to support 4K TVs and possibly even 8K TVs at a push!”

Virtual reality

Of all current console developers, Sony has undoubtedly staked more in virtual reality than any other. Not only was it the first to specifically embrace virtual reality, but the Japanese corporation has also explicitly expressed its enthusiasm for the technology. The PlayStation 5 will undoubtedly extend the capabilities of the Sony console range in this area, while also delivering superior performance.

The improved frame rates on the PS4 Pro already deliver a superior experience, and some have suggested that this is one of the primary motivations for the release of the console. The PS5 will take this performance still further, and will probably be accompanied by a second hardware release in the PlayStation VR series.

It is currently difficult for the virtual reality experience to be provided for mainstream AAA titles, but this could begin to become possible when the PS5 is released. Sony will also be working hard to ensure that any future virtual reality products are wireless, improving the immersion of the technology.

Cloud technology and streaming

Another aspect of the PS5 which will be critical to the console is the embracing of cloud technology and the streaming of games that this enables. This also offers the potential to seriously slim down the PlayStation 5 unit from day one, meaning that a PS5 Slim could effectively be on the agenda immediately.

However, Sony is unlikely to abandon the disk drive entirely, particularly as Microsoft has already jibed at its rival for failing to embrace 4K Blu-ray. Whether this latter decision is particularly significant is highly debatable.

And Sony has declined to release official figures related to the PlayStation Now service, probably owing to the fact that signup has been unimpressive. The fact is that broadband speeds are still a big barrier to successful cloud gaming, and this will mean that the traditional approach to consoles remains in place for at least one more generation.

Flexible approach

Both Sony and Microsoft are expected to adopt a flexible approach to the next console generation, possibly offering gamers a variety of purchasing options at release. It could even be possible for users to add peripherals and components in order to improve the performance of the PS5, making the console rather akin to a PC desktop in ethos.

Among the options open into gamers could be different quantities of memory, while there could be virtual reality-included and excluded versions of the PS5 released as well. It seems unlikely that Sony will release a model without a physical disk drive, but this is also a possibility.

Launch titles

One of the defining features of any console release is the launch titles that accompany it, and Sony certainly learnt this lesson valuably with the PlayStation 2 in particular. The release of Gran Turismo 3 arguably saved the PS2, and emphasized that without killer apps even the most powerful video games console will ultimately flounder.

So some of the biggest forthcoming games have been linked with the PS5 as launch titles, which will be an exciting prospect for those gamers interested in picking one up. In particular, it is suggested that GTA 6 could be a PS5 launch title, while the forthcoming Naughty Dog epic, The Last of Us 2, could also debut on the system.

PS5 Price

The pricing of the PS5 will also be critical to the success or otherwise of the console, and Sony faces an intriguing marketplace in this respect. Microsoft has launched the Xbox One X at a pretty hefty price point, but this is not expected to impact on the immediate success of the system. Meanwhile, PC gaming rigs are falling in price, making this a viable alternative to the console environment.

With this in mind, we can perhaps expect the PS5 to be a mid-range unit, probably priced around the same point as the existing Xbox One X. This would make the new console seem like a pretty good buy, particularly if it includes some of the high tech features currently being linked with the project.

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