When Is PS5 Coming? Here’s What The Latest Rumors Say

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While we’re still likely a couple of years out from the release of Sony’s next console, there has been a plethora of PS5 news and rumors that hint at what we might be able to expect from the upcoming release.

All PS5 news points to the fact that the console is in development, and it would be silly to suggest otherwise. With the PS4 having been released for quite some time at this point and consoles taking a good amount of time to develop, it’s clear that Sony has been working diligently on the successor to their incredibly popular video game system. Firm details on the hardware are limited, but some recent PS5 news has given us some insight into the upcoming console and how Sony will be innovating to (hopefully) once again remain the dominant force in this upcoming battle with Microsoft.

PS5 News: Release Date

Before we delve into the PS5 news and rumors as to how the console will be developed and what it will feature, it’s important to get the elephant in the room out of the way, that being when exactly the console will release. Industry analysts have suggested that there are two major problems that are keeping the console from releasing this year. The first major obstacle is the availability of a process for manufacturing the main processor behind the console, and the second is the need for a new, faster form of memory. With each console release, gamers are expecting a significant jump in power and graphics, but one of the major problems with the current setup is that there simply isn’t the technology to deliver that same sort of generational jump. Until the company manages to arrive at a setup that can deliver the impressive graphics that many are hoping for, the release date will likely be at least a year or two off.

All current PS5 news points to a release date of 2019 at the earliest, with 2020 being a real possibility as well. Fortunately, the PS4 remains a healthy console with numerous major releases still hitting the market. This current generation seems to have an especially long shelf life – even more so than the PS3. While we wait for more PS5 news regarding the release date of the hotly-anticipated console, it’s safe to resign ourselves to a bit of a wait as Sony continues to develop a worthy successor to one of the most popular consoles in history.

PS5 News: Technology

As mentioned above, memory is the main obstacle holding the release back. There are two types of memory that could potentially be included in the new console – HBM and GDDR6. The first is already available but is extremely expensive, making it unrealistic for a new console. GDDR6 is expected to hit the market later this year – just in time to coincide with the release of NVIDIA’s new set of chips. It’s feasible, then, that mass production will be possible by the time the console releases.

PS5 news also indicates that Sony will once again partner with AMD for the release of their new console, and it’s also likely that the company will provide technology for the Xbox as well. CPU and GPU components will likely be combined into a single chip – keeping costs low and allowing more compact models to be manufactured in the future.

Another piece of PS5 news suggests that this upcoming generation of consoles may finally come close to the power of a high-end gaming desktop – integrating a new CPU that can finally compete with the best that PCs have to offer. While we have a decent while to wait until the release of this new console, all PS5 news points to the fact that it will be well worth the wait – finally closing the gap between high-end PCs and dedicated video game consoles.

PS5 News: Features

While recent PS5 news and leaks have given us some information about the technical capabilities of the upcoming console, the features and games at launch have been far more sparse in terms of information. All we can do at this point is speculate about what will be included, but we have some educated guesses that may very well turn out to be true.

One of the main advantages that Xbox has over the PS4 this generation is backward compatibility. It’s impossible to play the majority of PS3 games on the PS4, and this significantly shrinks the available library – making the availability of content significantly lower despite the massive PS4 collection that has since been developed. The PS4 suffered from a lack of content at release, and if the company were to integrate backwards compatibility and allow gamers to access their vast digital library of titles, the company may give developers the time they need to provide a top-notch experience that really takes advantage of the powerful new technology.

Outside of backwards compatibility, it’s difficult to say what’s really lacking on the PS4. Overall, it’s an incredibly robust platform that works well in a lot of ways. If Sony is to take the PS4 and improve upon it with new graphics and more streamlined features, they stand positioned to take the next generation by storm once again – beating out Microsoft for the top spot in the console wars.

PS5 News: Price

In terms of price, we don’t have much PS5 news to go off of. While companies often sell their consoles at a loss in hopes of making up the cost in game sales, the new memory and upgraded processor is shaping up to be extremely expensive. If the company wants to avoid shipping a console that is over $100 more expensive than the current generation, they may have to wait a year or two until the price of these new technologies drops by a significant margin – making a 2020 release day for the PS5 much more likely.

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