No, Protestors, You Are Not Entitled To Free Education

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Bleary-eyed from the 16+ hour flight from Asia, I checked my phone last night once the plane landed to find that riots have broken out across the Land of the Free.

It was enough to wake me from my jet lag.

Free Education

All the televisions in the airport terminal were showing footage of the chaos along with occasional interviews with some of the protestors.

Naturally there was outcry against racism, sexism, violence, and all the usual anti-Trump arguments.

(Which I found ironic given this video of a Trump voter being viciously beaten in Chicago.)

But one of the recurring themes from these protestors being interviewed, primarily young people, was that Trump wasn’t going to do anything about student debt.

This was a major issue during the election, one that Bernie Sanders grabbed onto with promises of free education and debt reduction.

His message resonated with young people.

I’ve see this same theme all over the world, from Chile to the United Kingdom– students want free education, underpinned by a fundamental belief that quality education is a basic human right to be provided by the government.

Even if you agree with this assertion, there’s a MAJOR problem with the logic: these students are conflating “education” with “university degree.”

Anytime young people tell me they’re entitled to free education, I always ask the same questions–

How many books did you read in the past six months?

How many times did you go to the local library?

How many free online courses from top universities like Harvard, MIT, and Georgetown did you take at

How often have you actually used the multitude of free resources at your disposal to educate yourself?

Most times I just get the deer in the headlights look.

The truth is that they’re not interested in free education.

They just want a free university degree… a piece of paper that confers neither education nor any guarantee of success in life.

Candidly, many of the important things we need to learn in life are not taught in school.

I’ve started more businesses than I can count, some of them spectacular failures, others highly successful. I didn’t learn any of those skills at school.

And everything I learned about farming, for example, was on the land, not in the classroom.

This is true with many other elements that help us achieve success in life– business, investing, networking, romance, personal health, etc.

Understandably, certain professions do require formal schooling.

But that’s not really the point.

This is ultimately about people expecting the government to steal from others and give them something of questionable value for free when they haven’t yet taken steps to provide for themselves.

One could make the same argument that access to healthy food is a fundamental human right, and that the government should provide organic vegetables for free.

But how many seeds are people planting for themselves? A tomato plant can be grown from a single seed and about one square foot of space with almost no effort.

You’ll eat better (and sooner) taking matters into your own hands rather than waiting for the government to pass some terrible law in order to give you something for free.

It’s the same with education.

Yes, the cost of university in the Land of the Free is out of control. And it really doesn’t make sense for young people to start their lives buried in debt.

But rather than demand a bunch of laws be passed (which, even if this ever happens, will take years), you’ll be much better off taking matters into your own hands.

This starts with expanding your thinking.

Rather than limit yourself to traditional options (i.e. I’m from the US therefore I must attend a US university in order to be successful), consider whether university is the right option at all.

If you truly want to learn a highly valued skill that can pay the bills and provide income security (sales and marketing, business management, investing, design, web development, e-commerce, etc.) you may be better off eschewing university and instead learning directly from someone who has mastered what you want to know.

It’s an extreme example, but you would learn more about investing by working for Warren Buffett than in any university program.

This simple concept of apprenticeship has worked for thousands of years: if you want to be successful, learn from successful people.

Even if you still think that university is the right choice (which it very well may be), expand your thinking to the whole world.

There are plenty of high quality universities overseas that you can attend for almost nothing.

Top universities in Germany and Switzerland, for example, offer degree programs entirely in English, and you can attend for less than the cost of a bus pass.

To boot, going abroad gives you a lot of great international experience and the chance to achieve fluency in a foreign language.

So the end result is that you still get that piece of paper (your university degree), along with tons of other benefits and experiences, with almost none of the costs.

Just like I always try to point out with other solutions we discuss at Sovereign Man, this is an option that makes sense… no matter what.

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Article by Simon Black, Sovereign Man

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