Problems With The Google Pixel 2 Mic: Here’s How To Fix

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The iPhone X release has transcended the smartphone market. Rival companies are doing what they can to compete, and have lots to live up to in 2018. The iPhone X received positive reviews across the board, so competitors will have to differentiate with new flagship products. Are there problems with the Google Pixel 2 Mic?

The Influence of Google Pixel

Google cemented their presence in the smartphone market when they released the Google Pixel a few years ago. This was a breath of fresh air in a realm of Android complications, and Google followed this success with the Pixel 2. The handset brought several improvements, and a bunch of new features with it. The Pixel was built to contain the best camera on any phone, offering best-in-class photos and video.

Google Pixel 2 Mic Problems

Despite favorable reviews, some users report Google Pixel 2 Mic issues. The Mic occasionally doesn’t work, particularly with the smaller Pixel 2. Issues have also been reported with the Pixel 2 XL, especially on Google product forums. They seem hardware related, suggested by the below solution to the problem.

Blowing Trick Solution

Blowing into the bottom speaker can revive microphones that are playing up. This addresses the Google Pixel 2 Mic fault, an ongoing community discussion. Problems with the Google Pixel 2 Mic have been acknowledged, though no official solution has been suggested by Google. Users are consequently trying to fix the problem, and a video demonstration was recently released. This has been highly useful for consumers who are frustrated, and has been posted on Google’s product forums.

What Is Causing the Problem?

The scope of the problem is unclear, but complaints have surfaced by the dozen. Fortunately, only a small sample of handsets are affected. It seems a hardware issue, since blowing into the Mic can resolve it.

Google Response?

With online complaints reaching the thousands, if your phone has a sketchy microphone you can return it. You will eligible under the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA), and be entitled to a replacement phone. Verizon were told the Google Pixel 2 mic issue will be resolved with an over-the-air update from Google. Some are skeptical this will work, since the blowing into the mic fix suggests a hardware issue. If the Google Pixel Mic 2 not working is due to a software bug, a Google update would probably fix it. For now, we’ll have to wait and see what unfold, as Google continue to succeed nonetheless.


Despite negative press, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have been highly praised. They are among the best smartphones ever created, and some regions are yet to receive specific models. Units like the Black and White Pixel 2 XL are scheduled to ship throughout Europe during the Christmas season. Though the Google Pixel 2 Mic is temperamental, the problem won’t affect most users. If you have struggled with the fault, there are three options available. Request a return, blow into the mic, or wait for Google’s update. Perhaps a combination of all three will be most successful.

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