Private Islands Of The Rich And Famous

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When you have a spare few million knocking around and you’re a high profile celebrity, what do you do with all that extra cash? You buy some private Islands of course!

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Some of the globe’s most famous actors, musicians and business people now own their very own private islands. While some choose to turn these into money making resorts, open to the (very rich) public, others use them as their escape from the eyes of the world. A paradise hideaway where they can get away from prying eyes and paparazzi.

What's the appeal?

To own an island is perhaps the ultimate symbol of prosperity and wealth. The dream of owning a plot of land is not new, but for most of us it’s a house, or an allotment or maybe a farm with a few acres. For those earning millions every year, they can afford to dream a little bigger!

But what is the appeal of owning a private island? Is it simply for some peace and quiet or is it the best status symbol around at the moment? Most private islands are remote and hard to get to, with no airport nearby. Construction can cost a fortune and then there’s any repairs and maintenance. Not to mention getting food and supplies to the island, which can cost up to 4 times as much as it would on the mainland. Sounds like a lot of hassle. There must be a an awfully big payoff.

Perhaps it’s something to do with people wanting a project. Somewhere and something they can get really involved in. But maybe it’s also that it’s as close as most people will get to having their own kingdom or queendom. A place to make their mark, own the land, develop and invest in it and no one will tell you that you can’t, because it’s yours.

Famous faces

Movie stars such as Johnny Depp and Mel Gibson own their own private islands, as well as Leonardo Di Caprio, who is currently turning his into an eco-friendly resort.

Owner Richard Branson has had some bad luck with his Necker Island in the past few years. It suffered fire damage in 2011 and more recently was in the path of Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. The island was said to have been devastated by the heavy rainfall and high winds, with Richard commenting that he had “never seen anything like it”.  Despite this, he remains loyal to Necker island and its sister island of Moskito and the people, saying “I know we will all band together and rebuild the islands to become stronger and even more wonderful than they were before.”

In this infographic from Credit Angel, we take a look at some of the world’s top stars and their very expensive private islands. We find out how much they cost, the size, the average temperature and rainfall and even how you could bag yourself an invite!

Private Islands Of The Rich And Famous

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