What’s Next After Graduation? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Coming to the end of your College or University degree and not sure what your next step is? Whether you have a vague idea of your post-graduation plans, no clue where to start or you have it all mapped out already, researching and exploring all your potential options for when you graduate is a good idea for any student.
Finishing your degree, you’ll be experiencing plenty of mixed emotions – proud of yourself for all your hard work and for your accomplishments, sad to be leaving all the friends you’ve made, nervous to be leaving your comfort zone and what you’ve known so well over the last few years but hopefully also excited for the next step in your life! Turning those “what are you doing after graduation” questions into reality doesn’t have to be as scary as it might seem
When it comes to post-graduation plans, there are a few different routes you can take when choosing your path, ultimately all ending in your chosen career path but everyone is different and where one person might want to kick-start their career straight away, another person might be itching to go travelling first to gain more life experiences.

Essay Writing Service UK have created the below infographic which outlines the key routes you can take once you’ve graduated, how you can go about choosing your next path, as well as what each of those options might entail. From travelling the world with some friends and working abroad for valuable experience, to work placement opportunities, self-employment or even postgraduate study, it’s really not a one size fits all approach when it comes to post-graduation plans.

Whichever route you decide to take, your employability is something that you should always be aware of. Even if you opt to go travelling initially, you should be thinking about how travelling can benefit you and enrich your skills and then how you could further apply those new skills to your future career.

Your personal profile and how you present yourself as a potential employee is crucial, whether you’re starting the job application process now or after you get back from travelling. Your personal profile can really make or break a job application. The infographic pinpoints some key considerations for enhancing your profile and some very useful employability tools you should be using to help your application stand out amongst the crowd. The infographic also outlines some important questions to ask yourself immediately after you graduate – where will you live and how will you earn money after your student loan for example?
So no matter what stage you’re at in your plans, you should take the time to explore your options and come to a decision when you’re ready and feel confident with your choice. Depending on what route you take, there are numerous tools you can use to launch your career and develop your experience in the best way for you.

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