Pokemon Go: Master The ‘L Throw’ Technique In A Minute

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One of the most annoying things for a Pokemon Go player is when they miss a Pokeball throw. Pokemon Go is pretty easy to learn, but improving your Pokeball accuracy isn’t all that easy. A Reddit user going by the name Homu has discovered a new throwing technique called the “L Throw” that can significantly increase your Pokeball throwing accuracy and make it ridiculously easy to catch ’em all.

Pokemon Go: This technique also works for curve balls

The L Throw technique is worth trying out, especially if you are having trouble catching Pokemon at all. The first step is to drag the Pokeball from the middle towards the left edge – dragging to the right works, too. Now take it up upward until you reach the height of the Pokemon, and then release your finger from the screen. At this point, you’ll be throwing the Pokeball right where it needs to be.

The enhanced accuracy of your throws could increase your chances of capturing a Pokemon without it escaping. The technique also works for curve balls. All you have to do is curve the ball before moving it to the left (or right) side of the screen. Many Reddit users confirmed that they were able to capture more Pokemon using the L Throw technique compared to simply flinging the Pokeball upwards. Homu pointed out that dragging the ball to the right is less reliable than moving it to the left.

It’s not a cheat

Can this technique land you in trouble with Niantic? Probably not, because it’s neither a cheat nor an exploit. Give the L Throw technique a try and see for yourself whether it helps you capture more Pokemon. Meanwhile, Niantic Labs has confirmed that there is a bug that might be negatively affecting your chances to capture Pokemon. You can learn almost all the Pokemon Go cheats, tips and tricks here.

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