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There is no doubt what has been the video gaming sensation of the last few weeks. Pokemon GO is taking the world by storm, with gamers of all ages joining in with the Pokemon catching fun. The downloadable title has been so successful that the Nintendo share price has improved appreciably, and this is certainly good news for the Japanese corporation ahead of the release of the NX console.

Considering the amount of attention that Pokemon GO has garnered in its short lifecycle, there is already a huge amount of news circulating the Internet on this exciting video game. So here is a rundown of all the important Pokemon GO news that has emerged thus far.

Pokemon GO – Tips

What many Pokemon GO players obviously want to know is how they can play the game most effectively. Several valuable tips have already surfaced, and the first of these is to acquire Pikachu as your starter character. When you begin Pokemon GO, the Professor will ask you to catch your first Pokemon ; typically Squirtle, Charmander or Bulbasaur.

But many players do not realise that it is possible to walk away from this encounter until one’s phone vibrates. The prompts will appear four more times, until finally Pikachu appears, at which point it is possible to capture this Pokemon as your starter in the game. Not many people know about this trick, yet getting your hands on one of the most valuable Pokemon right at the start of the game is obviously useful.

Capturing Pokemon is also obviously a key aspect of the game, so understanding all of the cues that the title offers you in order to identify Pokemon is particularly important. Rustling leaves are utilized in order to indicate where the wild Pokemon are lurking, but the game shifts and uses the camera in your smartphone to show the creature in augmented reality once the capture element initiates.

The white ring surrounding the creature will change depending on how likely you are to capture it, with smaller rings being indicative of higher chances of doing so. Wait until it turns green before throwing your ball.

Avoid using your coins to buy more Pokéballs as these can be acquired for free by visiting Pokéstops. Opting for lures instead can attract the animals to you. It is also worthwhile to visit the flashing blue portals dubbed Pokéstops in the game, as they can often reward users with valuable prizes.

Finally, be careful with your smartphone battery while playing the Pokemon GO game, as the title requires several of the functions of your phone in order to operate adequately. GPS data and the camera, coupled with the cellular connection, can zap the battery in your phone rather rapidly. It is thus advisable to activate the battery saving mode in your smartphone before beginning Pokemon GO.


There is no doubt that anything as big as Pokemon GO will immediately attract hackers, and already some major hacks have indeed appeared. The most notable somewhat reduces the positive health impacts of this mobile title!

This augmented reality game requires players to walk around homes and local surroundings in order to locate new Pokemon, as well as achieving many important goals in the game. It is therefore worth bearing in mind that some players are able to use transport in order to enhance their travelling distance, while other players can use cycling and other forms of non-automated travel.

The most common Pokemon are found in the 2km eggs, with the rarest in the 10km eggs. What this means is that you will have to do a huge amount of walking if you are to advance a long way in the game. However, a new track released by Rusty Cage – a popular YouTube channel – promises to make the process considerably easier.

This YouTuber found out that placing your smartphone on top of a record player, or any other rotating device, and letting it spin around frequently will increase your walking distance without you having to put in any effort. This can enable Pokemon GO players to advance further in the game more rapidly.

There have also been other efforts to engage in what is described as ‘GPS spoofing’, but the short-term consequences of this could be rather serious for avid Pokemon GO players.

Punishment and bans

Nintendo has already begun banning Pokemon GO players who attempts to trick and cheat the software into believing that they are located somewhere else other than their actual location. And the software house has seemingly also built an amazing function into the software, which involves wild Pokemon running away from players who abuse the GPS system.

According to be authoritative video game review IGN, cheating in Pokemon GO will result in a player being banned for approximately one hour. Those targeted include players who are GPS spoofing with rooted and jailbroken devices, but other tricks and software hacks which have been publicized on the Internet are also be outlawed.

In order to assess the efficacy of so-called GPS spoofing, a research team comprised of Reddit users decided to test how this feature could affect their Pokemon GO experience. The social media platform soon discovered that some of the functions included in the title were turned off once GPS spoofing had been conducted. For example, some of the players were not able to stock up on items at Pokéstops after cheating.

They were further blocked from battling in Pokemon Gyms, and some creatures that they experienced in the world of Pokemon GO where apparently completely immune to ball throwing, effectively making them impossible to catch. Bans can even run for as long as five hours, thus dissuading many cheaters from engaging in the hacks which have already been discovered.

It is not yet known whether Nintendo will move on to banning players permanently if this conduct continues, but it seems that the Japanese developer is extremely serious about dissuading people from abusing this popular software. The message for now is quite clear…play Pokemon GO properly!

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