Pokemon GO Cheats, Hacks, Tweaks And Tricks [GUIDE]

The huge early success of the new Pokemon GO smartphone game has led to a frenzy of online and offline activity among gamers.

Developer Niantic is still rolling out the game in markets around the world, but it is already a sensation. Here are the best tips and tricks for the interactive augmented reality based game.

Pokemon GO Cheats, Hacks, Tweaks And Tricks [GUIDE]
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Tweaks make Pokemon GO even better than original

The game is already addictive enough but the gaming community has found some ways to make it even better. Most of them require your iOS device to be jailbroken.

The first is known as PokePatch and allows players on jailbroken devices to play the game. If you do not install the tweak, the game will detect that you are on a jailbroken device and will not let you play. Install the tweak and start playing now!

Another tweak is for gamers too lazy to leave their house in search of Pokemon. PokemonGoAnywhere allows you to play the game by tapping on the screen to navigate rather than actually walking around in real life.

Pokemon GO users have been reporting that the servers have been crashing due to extreme demand for the game. While this is certainly frustrating, you can keep calm by playing a game of Flappy Bird in the meantime. That is the premise of a tweak named FlappyGo, which lets you play Flappy Bird without leaving the Pokemon GO app.

Remove account access after install

Another tweak called Pokemon Lock allows you to play the game directly on the lock screen of your iOS device. You have to disable the passcode, however, and be prepared to drain your battery at record speed. Perfect for those too lazy to launch the app each time they want to play, as well as scant regard for the security of their device.

The next fix is aimed at those who are concerned about cyber security, and wondering what sort of permissions developer Niantic has when you download Pokemon GO. The answer, as it turns out, is full access if you download and sign in with a Google account.

Much like a Google Chrome account, this level of account permission gives Niantic access to vast swathes of data that a game developer has no need to know. Although this represents a security concern, the good news is that you can fix it. All you have to do is go to the Google account security page and remove Pokemon GO’s access.

Improve battery life for longer playing time

If you have been out and about playing Pokemon GO, you will probably have noticed that the game is hard on your battery life. This stands to reason, as it uses the device camera and GPS sensors as well as being intensive on graphics.

However there are ways to preserve your battery. The best one is using the settings menu inside the game to activate Battery Saver mode. Users say that the power saving mode does not disable any features of the game.

Millions of people have been playing the game since its recent launch, and many more are sure to join the action once the rollout reaches remaining markets. Some of the technical issues could get worse in the short term as the developers come to terms with demand, but Pokemon GO looks set to be the sensation of the summer.

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