Pokemon GO Players On Android Can Now Play Music While Hunting

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Pokemon Go developer Niantic pushed out a new update to both the Android and iOS versions, but the gaming company seems to have forgotten to mention an important change for Android users, according to SlashGear. Pokemon Go players will no longer have the same boring tune or the strange silence when they battle their Pokemon in gyms or go hunting for more.

Pokemon Go on Android now on par with iOS

According to Android players, the game no longer pauses their podcast or current music when they start it. This enables them to listen to their choice of music. iOS users have already been enjoying this feature for quite some time. Android users are now getting into the fun as well.

Previously, Pokemon Go would pause any music that was playing when it started. This compelled players to listen to the location-based game’s looping music or no music at all. Players did not like it.

A catch to watch for

This issue was actually caused by a bug in the Unity 3D game engine and was not something made up by the gaming giant. Unity, being a game engine, works mostly on the presumption that it is the only thing that one would want to listen to. Apparently, Unity put out the fix a few weeks ago. However, that fix did not come to Pokemon Go until recently, as that is normal in game development cycles, notes SlashGear.

However, there is something users should know. The game allows you to listen to podcasts or music while playing, but it lowers the volume a considerable degree. According to some players, the volume was well below an acceptable level, which made them increase the volume on their smartphones.

Minor updates, but no details

The update, version 1.25.0 for iOS and 0.55.0 for Android, brings several changes, including reduced starting load time on Android phones, minor text fixes, iOS wheelchair support for use with the Apple Watch and a fix for the Android connectivity problems for the Pokemon GO Plus accessory.

As this is just a minor update, users do not expect to see big changes like the introduction of Gen 2 Pokemon from the Johto region or new features.The gaming giant did not explain the text errors that the update has addressed. This is not surprising though, as the gaming company never details fixe, whenever it release minor text fixes.

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