Are You Facing Any Of These New Issues Raised By Pixel 3 Users?

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Pixel 3 users have faced an unending list of issues since the handset’s launch in October. There are no signs of a respite either, as some users are now reporting a new issue, this time with the fingerprint scanner.

Details about the fingerprint gesture issue with the Pixel 3

The Google Pixel 3 comes with a rear fingerprint scanner, but it appears the gestures it’s supposed to recognize are not working as intended. Gestures enable users to swipe across the fingerprint sensor to trigger certain functions when the phone is unlocked. For example, swiping down is supposed to bring up the notification drawer, but it’s not working properly.

Users say they often must swipe down on the scanner more than once to get it to work. Some even noted that the older Pixel models were very reliable, so this fingerprint gesture issue with the Pixel 3 marks a departure from the past reliability. Many users have flagged the fingerprint gesture issue with the Pixel 3 on Google’s Issue Tracker forum, Reddit and other social platforms.

“On a new Pixel 3 XL, using the fingerprint sensor swipe gesture to show notifications is very inconsistent and typically takes several tries to actually work. I’ve compared this side by side with a Pixel 2 XL which works consistently every single time, indicating this is a very real problem,” one user complained.

Some users also shared a few workarounds for the fingerprint gesture issue with the Pixel 3. Users note that swiping slowly or using the fingertip increases the chance of making the feature work as intended. One user advised swiping from just above the fingerprint scanner to get it to work, while another user suggested using the fingerprint gesture app from the Play Store to address the issue.

If you are facing the fingerprint gesture issue with the Pixel 3, then you can try these workarounds. You should also lodge a complaint with Google so the search giant knows how widespread the issue is.

As of now, it is not clear how many users are facing the problem, but Google’s product forum and a Reddit thread about it are flooded with complaints from affected users. Google has yet to comment on the issue.

Although the fingerprint gesture issue with the Pixel 3 is not as serious as some of the earlier issues with the handset, it still is enough to irritate consumers who trusted Google and paid a large amount of money for a premium Android handset.

Phone call-related problems with the Pixel 3

The fingerprint gesture issue with the Pixel 3 is not the only problem troubling owners currently. Lately many Pixel users have flagged issues related to phone calls, including poor sound quality, inconsistent audio, and microphone failures. Based on comments from affected users on Reddit and Google’s own Pixel User Community forum, it seems the phone call-related problems with the Pixel 3 are not limited to any carrier or specific Pixel 3 variant. Both Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL owners have flagged the same issue in multiple countries.

“I’m constantly getting dropped calls or, when the call doesn’t drop, the person on the other end consistently asks me to repeat myself since my voice breaks up,” one user complained.

Moreover, the phone call-related problems with the Pixel 3 are not just limited to cellular calls. Many users experienced the same problem when making calls over Wi-Fi as well. The issue does not occur on every call and is mostly experienced at the beginning of calls.

Phone call-related problems with the Pixel 3 are not new. Users have been raising the same issue since the handset’s launch, but so far, Google has offered no permanent fix. However, some users have found a workaround for most of the phone call-related problems with the Pixel 3. They claim disabling the Advanced Calling or Enhanced 4G LTE Mode feature addressed the issue for them. One user claims Google asked him to “turn off advanced 4G LTE mode and switch preferred network type to 3G” to fix the issue.

Google is probably aware of the issue and has reportedly authorized replacements for some of the affected devices, but many of the replacement handsets exhibited the same issue.

The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are known for offering a higher level of security, a superior camera, quick updates and stock Android software. However, the growing list of issues, including those with the most basic functions like phone calls, might prove a warning sign for the Pixel 3 successor and Google as well.

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