Pink Galaxy Note 8 Coming To Taiwan

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The Galaxy Note 8 may have just been launched a week ago but we’re already getting word of new colors coming to the lineup. It appears that a pink Galaxy Note 8 is going to be available but, for now, it looks like the new color will only be available in Taiwan.

Samsung is no stranger to releasing various colors for their smartphones. We saw a pink Galaxy S8 as well. If you’re wondering how a pink Galaxy Note 8 looks, check it out for yourself:


The image doesn’t show the S Pen but apparently that comes in a similar shade of what is being referred to as “Rose Pink.” It’s nice to see Samsung is still revealing new things about the Galaxy Note 8 and it makes us wonder what other colors may be coming to various markets around the world. Right now, for most customers, only black, grey, blue, and gold are available for pre-order.

If you are planning on pre-ordering Samsung’s newest flagship then I wouldn’t hold your breath for the pink Galaxy Note 8 to become available anytime soon. Waiting too long may force you to miss out on some of the awesome pre-order deals that come with the Galaxy Note 8. If you recall, Samsung is offering a choice of two special bonuses for people who pre-order and register their device before September 24th. If you’re one of the buyers who plans on getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on release day then you’ll be able to choose between a free Gear 360 Camera or a Galaxy Foundation Kit which is basically Samsung’s wireless charger and a 128GB microSD card. Those are both very nice bonuses that help make the cost of the Galaxy Note 8 seem a little more manageable. Of course, those pre-order gifts are in addition to the special offers from carriers.

Internally, the pink Galaxy Note 8 is the same as any other one on the market. Being that it is an international model, this means the pink Galaxy Note 8 sports an Exynos 8895 chipset instead of the Snapdragon 835 found in the North American variant. Other than that, everything is the same.

So, although the pink Galaxy Note 8 may catch your eye and make your heart beat a little faster; unless you live in Taiwan, it doesn’t appear you will be able to buy one anytime soon. Plus, you’re probably just going to have it in a case all the time anyway. My recommendation? Take advantage of the pre-order deals and then get a pink case. It will be like you bought a pink Galaxy Note 8 after all!

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