How To Change The Strap On Pebble Smartwatch [VIDEO]

How To Change The Strap On Pebble Smartwatch [VIDEO]

Smartwatches are the new talk of the town. It seems that after smartphones, the next smart thing that will soon become popular is the smartwatch. Talking about the current scenario, the Pebble smartwatch, which saw its inception from Kickstarter, has quickly become a very popular smartwatch with more than 300,000 units sold to date.

The Pebble smartwatch compared to other smartwatches is affordable, as it costs just $150. It’s functional, has exciting features, works with Android and iOS and comes in many different colors. However, they all come in a black silicone strap, which some of you might want to change.

At the CES in Las Vegas last week, Eric Migicovsky, the CEO of Pebble, unveiled a brand new edition of Pebble known as Pebble Steel. As the name suggests, this version is given a more expensive look, with metal used in abundance. It has the same internals as of the original Pebble. The CEO also announced a new app store specially for Pebble, which will include apps like ESPN, Yelp and Foursquare.

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Give your old Pebble a new look

So, while the new Pebble Steel looks good compared to the original Pebble, this doesn’t mean you need to hurry out and spend $250 on it. You can always swap out the old strap on your original Pebble and replace it with new one that’s more to your liking. The new strap can also be made of metal (or stainless steel) so that it somewhat resembles the new Pebble Steel.

How to change the strap on Pebble

Before you get excited, you need to gather a few things for it. Both the Pebble and Pebble Steel use a 22mm wrist strap which is held using the spring bar. This spring can be removed from its place by using a spring bar tool that’s easily available from Amazon. Instead of using this spring bar tool, you can also use household items, although you’ll need to be extra careful while using them, so as to not damage the watch.

Next, you’ll need a watch strap. Any 22mm watch strap will fit in both the models of Pebble. Again, you can get them from Amazon or from any brick and mortar or store. Straps range from $15 to over $100 depending on your choice. Nylon and silicone rubber will come cheap whereas steel straps won’t be cheap.

Once you’re ready with the tools, watch the below video to learn how to change the strap. If you’re one of the DIY type, then you won’t like to miss this chance and then brag about it, and if not you can also go to a local jeweler or watch repair shop which will do it for you for a few bucks.

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