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Want to be a good roomate? Make sure you are paying Your Share Of The Rent and other important tips.

You’ve probably heard some pretty terrible roommate stories over the years, and maybe you even have a few to tell yourself. Perhaps you’ve also wondered what the worst offense that a roommate could commit is, especially if you deal with annoying behaviors in your own home.

Apartment search website RENTCafé conducted a recent survey of more than 1,500 individuals, to find out exactly what the most unforgiveable and offensive acts are that a roommate could commit. The answers brought to light the all-time known fact that no roommate is ever perfect, and that there are many ways that people can annoy one another. At the same time, the survey uncovered what most agree are the truly worst things roommates can do to each other.

The Top Three Worst Acts

The number one thing you can do as a roommate that could get you booted from the house is to miss paying your share of the rent. 20.4% of people polled found that this was the worst act that a roommate could commit.

Following closely behind this, though, at 20.3% of those polled, is a roommate engaging in mean or insulting behavior, and right behind that at 20% is a roommate that is disinterested in being friends. So, being friends, getting along, and paying your share of the rent can go a long way toward ensuring a harmonious home.

More Terrible Offenses

While those three acts are the absolute worst according to the greatest number polled, they aren’t the only things you can do to end a roommate arrangement. Not paying your bills, engaging in substance abuse and taking illegal drugs make up the next tier of offenses that could get you booted from the home.

Behavior also ranks high, with 16.3% of those polled saying that passive aggressive behavior is a deal breaker, while immaturity ranks in at 15%. For those that tend to swear like sailors, you may also need to watch out, as offensive language ranks in at 13.6% of those polled.

Finally, offending someone else’s race or religion, leaving the house a mess, or engaging in loud sex round out the last of the acts that most roommates polled say is an unforgiveable act.

Be a Better Roommate

Pay your bills on time, stay away from drugs, and watch your behavior to make sure you stay in your roommate’s good graces. Be sure to rent responsibly and you’ll be sure to have a lasting roommate relationship of your own.





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