Paul Tudor Jones Warns Of Dangers In The Market

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Paul Tudor Jones is known in systematic trading circles for his somewhat mathematical approach to markets before computers were prevalent.

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Along with Peter Borish, Tudor Investments navigated a wide variety of market environments, famously calling the 1987 “Black Monday” market crash, sees another disaster on the horizon.In joining with Ray Dalio and Bill Gross, all of whom see a recession on the horizon, he thinks that inflation is going to surge as bond yields spike. But does the mathematical thinker’s math correlate with statistical history? In a February 27 research piece, PowerShares Source multi-asset research notes different truths that point to a positive correlation between rising rates and the stock market – to a point.


clost“We are setting the stage for accelerating inflation, just as we did in the late ’60s,” Jones told Goldman Sachs in an interview sent to their clients.

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