7 Passport Designs For Fictional Countries

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A worn and well-stamped passport is a sign of experience, a cultured traveler who has wandered far and taken in the many joys of our world. But what about other worlds or alternate realities, how would some of our best loved characters from the worlds of fiction and fantasy look in their passport photos, and what kind of passports would they have in the first place?

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That’s exactly the kind of creative thinking that inspired BudgetDirect to design this wonderfully illustrated infographic, where they have created the travel documents of several of our fictional favorites.

The worlds of Tolkien, Lucas and Martin are filled with surreal and dangerous lands so of course they would need passports that would do justice to the adventures of their inhabitants.

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Arya Stark is just one of those serial adventurers who would definitely be in need of a Kingdom of the North passport. While several of her family members have met grisly deaths while travelling abroad she took it even further to become possibly the only Stark to venture to the distant continent of Essos. Though considering she became an assassin and one of the Faceless Men she’d probably have to carry around a stash of passports to cover her various transformations.

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Another who’d probably be spending a lot of his time switching between passports is Kal-El aka Clark Kent aka Superman. While never usually having to board a plane to fly anywhere he was raised with such high moral values he would probably consider it an obligation to check in with the immigration authorities of whatever country he went to. Even if he wouldn’t necessarily give them the full story by whipping out his passport for the now non-existent planet of Krypton.


Though still existing (as far as we know), the climate on the planet of Tatooine is such that most residents would be happy to be given a good reason to leave. Orbiting two suns and with no surface water, it’s no surprise Luke Skywalker, like his father before him, jumped at an opportunity to leave the planet and adventure around the galaxy.

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In the Middle Earth of J.R.R Tolkien’s imagination, adventures were never far away. Before setting off on his mission to burgle the lair of the great dragon Smaug we have no doubt that Bilbo Baggins would first have checked with the Shire’s bureaucratic departments to make sure that his passport was in order. The last thing anyone wants when heading to Rivendell or over the Misty Mountains is to be held up for ages at border control.

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Though in Narnia the laws governing travel between it and the “real” world are a bit more complex, they are also simpler at the same time. The wardrobe that serves as the crossing point between the two worlds probably works on a biometric system that automatically checks the crossers for their eligibility. Nevertheless, being the upstanding moral authority that he is, Aslan would surely have had a passport in any case, just to set a good example.


A passport can be the true mark of a globetrotter. However, despite all the stamps and stapled-in visas you might have and be proud of, it will take quite a lot to match the amazing versions from some of the most fantastic fiction from over the years.

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