Paris Terror Attacks By ISIS Beginning Of World War 3: Chuck Norris

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The deadly terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday have shaken the world. On Sunday, Pope Francis said the attacks were part of a “piecemeal World War 3.” The Pope believes the third World War would be fought piecemeal with crimes, massacres, and destruction. Countries from across the globe have condemned the attacks. France has intensified military operations against the dreaded ISIS in Syria.

Obama says the US has “contained” ISIS

Chuck Norris said in a column that now the world knows “what a disorganized World War 3 looks like” from attacks carried out by ISIS that claimed 132 lives and left at least 350 injured. Norris targeted President Barack Obama for his weak response to the rise of ISIS. Obama had said on Good Morning America just before the attacks in Paris that ISIS was losing ground. Right from the beginning, Washington’s aim was to “contain” ISIS, and “we have contained them,” said Obama.

The attacks in Paris were the worst acts of violence in France since Second World War. Chuck Norris likened these attacks to the Nazis’ invasion of Poland on Sept.1, 1939. It was the “spark that lit the fuse” for European countries’ involvement in World War 2. What ISIS has done in Iraq and Syria is similar to Hitler’s annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakia. Both of them caused “great concern and condemnation,” but didn’t lead to a wider European revolt. It was only after the Nazis’ invasion of Poland that the UK and France jump in the military battle.

World War 3: US must unleash its fully military force against ISIS

Norris believes that ISIS’ attacks in Paris would prompt major powers to coalesce against the militant group like never before. Just a few weeks ago, ISIS shot down a Russia passenger plane, killing all the 224 passengers and crew members. And the terror group has now threatened to carry out massive attacks in the heart of Washington DC.

ISIS’ footprint is expanding rapidly. They possess “a hundredfold the power of Al-Qaeda.” Now that other major Islamic terror groups like Boko Haram are pledging allegiance to ISIS, the terror group is on its way to Caliphate victory. It is the beginning of World War 3, he added. Norris asked Obama to quit sticking his head in the sands of cultural, religious, and military ignorance. He said it was the time the US unleashes the full force of its military and intelligence to destroy ISIS “both domestically and abroad.”



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