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Is Your OnePlus 7 Pro Missing Digital Wellbeing Features?

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OnePlus 7 Pro is an exceptional device with impressive specs and features. One such feature that has been advertised to come with the device is Digital Wellbeing. However, some users are complaining of missing Digital Wellbeing on OnePlus 7 Pro.

Missing Digital Wellbeing on OnePlus 7 Pro

The issue came to light after OnePlus rolled out the day-one OTA update for the OnePlus 7 Pro. Users in some regions, however, noted that they didn’t receive any fixes or updates related to the Digital Wellbeing feature, notes a report from tech site PiunikaWeb.

The changelog of the update talked of the addition of the Wind Down and also the addition of Grayscale feature in Wind Down, as changes to Digital Wellbeing. However, the same references were missing from the changelog for Indian and European OnePlus 7 Pro units. Also, such users claim that their OS has no reference to Digital Wellbeing at all.

“Indian OnePlus 7 pro with model no. GM1911 doesn’t have the digital well being feature even after the latest update of 9.5.3.GM21AA. Any idea what might be the reason or is this issue specific to my unit,” one user said on a OnePlus forum.

Several users on the same thread also admitted missing Digital Wellbeing on OnePlus 7 Pro. Moreover, the issue of the missing Digital Wellbeing on OnePlus 7 is not only with the Indian and European units, but also with the T-Mobile branded OnePlus 7 Pro, according to PiunikaWeb.

Replying to one of the queries on the OnePlus forums, OnePlus Global Community Manager David Y confirmed the missing Digital Wellbeing on OnePlus 7 Pro units. “We will need to fix a small bug first. Stay tuned,” David Y said.

Digital Wellbeing or Work-Life Balance

There are also possibilities that in India, the Digital Wellbeing feature may come with another name, something like a Work-Life Balance app. A report from AndroidCentral notes that the Chinese company is planning to bring several features that will be exclusive to India. One such feature is Work-Life Balance.

The feature allows users to set work and leisure timings, and also block apps from sending notifications during that period. Further, users also get information on app usage in the form of the bar chart. Many of the functions that this Work-Life Balance feature offers are similar to Google’s Digital Wellbeing.

Thus, there are speculations that OnePlus might bring the Work-Life Balance as a replacement for Digital Wellbeing at least in some regions.

Blessing in disguise?

Meanwhile, if you are not getting Digital Wellbeing, then you could take it positively as well. There have been reports that the Digital Wellbeing tools triggered performance issues with the Pixel 3 devices.

Since earlier this month, several users have raised complaints that the Digital Wellbeing tools are causing performance issues with their devices, including the Pixel 3. Further, users claim that turning off the Digital Wellbeing feature solves those performance issues on their device.

Several users confirmed the same thing on a Reddit thread. “Saw it was a known bug on some YouTube comment about the Pixel 3a, turned it off on my Pixel 3 and it has made the world of difference. Can’t believe I was living with so much stuttering thinking it was normal. The difference is like night and day,” one user said.

Digital Wellbeing – what it is?

Google was the first to come up with the concept of Digital Wellbeing. Digital Wellbeing is primarily aimed at limiting the smartphone addiction of the users.

“As technology becomes more and more integral to everything we do, it can sometimes distract us from the things that matter most to us. We believe technology should improve life, not distract from it,” Google says.

Google baked the Digital Wellbeing feature tightly with Android Pie. Initially, the feature was limited only to the Pixel phones, but later, the search giant extended it to several Android One and third-party smartphones. Developers also used public APIs to come with apps offering similar benefits.

Samsung and Huawei were the first to develop their own version of digital wellbeing. Later, OnePlus also revealed its intentions to add Digital Wellbeing into the OxygenOS. And, now that it has, it has stirred controversy.

Nevertheless, we are hopeful that the issue of the missing Digital Wellbeing feature on some OnePlus 7 Pro units will be resolved quickly.

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