Google Pixel 3 release date, specs, news and rumors

May 30, 2018 UPDATE – While there has been little in the way of reliable news from the company themselves, we have had a series of leaks and rumors that suggest various features, design, and other specifications about the upcoming Google Pixel 3.

One of the most recent Google Pixel 3 rumors was with regard to the Android P update. The Google Pixel line is often Google’s chance to show off the capabilities of their Android mobile operating system, and it’s pretty safe to expect that the Google Pixel 3 will be one of the first phones to see any new major updates. Discovered in the update files was support for the iPhone-esque Notch feature, leading many to believe that the Pixel 3 would feature that design choice once it releases.

google pixel 3 leak

However, leaked images from a Google setup menu show a new phone that seems to show a phone that looks an awful lot like the current Pixel phones – sans-notch. While it’s certainly possible that Google went with a generic design for the tutorial rather than showcasing their notched phone, many believe that it’s far more likely that we’ll see a Google Pixel 3 that looks an awful lot like the Pixel 2 – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Google, while having developed the Android operating system for quite some time, has only recently moved into the hardware arena with the launch of their Google Pixel devices. Changing up the design so radically with the release of just their third phone would be surprising given that the brand is still trying to find its footing.

All in all, we feel that it’s likely that we’ll see the Google Pixel 3 launch with a design quite similar to what we’ve seen thus far, but that the specs should be seriously upgraded. The Google Pixel 2, while a significant upgrade over its predecessor, had its own share of issues in terms of bugs and hardware issues. With the Pixel 3, Google has the potential to reestablish their reputation for high-end products that function flawlessly and with the best in design and performance.

Other than rumors regarding display, there hasn’t been too much new information on the handset as the company has been pretty good at keeping things under wraps. We should expect a bump in power, but outside of that, we’re still in the dark regarding this upcoming release.

Feb 8, 2018 UPDATE – The Google Pixel 3 will hit the stores later this year, after the manufacturer showed an enduring commitment to the mobile genre. By buying up a large swathe of HTC’s smartphone division in a multi-billion dollar deal, Google indicated that it is taking the smartphone niche very seriously indeed.

And while there were some complaints about the Google Pixel 2, is was generally quite well-received, establishing itself alongside the top Android devices of 2017. Nonetheless, there will be pressure on Google to deliver something better and more powerful when the Pixel 3 is released, particularly as the pricing of the device is now veering to the premium ballpark.

Google Pixel 3: What To Expect?
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When will Google launch Pixel 3?

It is believed that the Google Pixel 3 will launch in October this year, with the manufacturer seeking an appropriate launch window between Apple and Samsung devices. Strategy will be key for the Pixel 3, with Google having to decide whether it wishes to continue to push the smartphone series as a premium rival to the likes of the iPhone X.

Early reports on the smartphone series suggest that there will be three Google Pixel 3 releases in 2018, and that these have been pretty much established at Google. Codenames of ‘Crosshatch’, ‘Albacore’, and ‘Blueline’ have been leaked to the media, with Google seemingly already working on three handsets.

However, it should be said in mitigation that three Google Pixel 2 releases were predicted for 2017, and yet the manufacturer ultimately opted for just two smartphones. And there could be an argument for Google concentrating on perfecting two handsets, rather than stretching itself thinly across three releases. Indeed, expert analyst Imran Choudhary believes that it is more likely that Google will release two models in 2017.

With the iPhone X having been a huge success for Apple, Google is set to be more than inspired by the iconic smartphone. Analysts in Britain already suggest that Google will very much take its cue from the Apple mobile, with the Google Pixel 3 sets to borrow several key features from the iPhone X.

Early reports on the Galaxy S9 suggest that Samsung has signed an exclusivity deal related to the Snapdragon 845 processor. However, by the time that the Google Pixel 3 arrives towards the end of the year, this deal will have expired, and the flagship from Google is expected to benefit from the 845 range.

Other predictions focus on the display and design included in the Google Pixel 3, with a largely bezel-less approach expected. “The trend at the premium end is to move to edge-to-edge screens and the Pixel will do well to move in this direction. If the Pixel devices are to really compete with Apple and Samsung at the premium end, it is important the new devices show real development,” the aforementioned Choudhary explained.

An Android equivalent of Face ID could also appear in this critical Google smartphone, while consumers will also hope that Google includes a dual-lens camera this time round.

Dec 28, 2017 UPDATE – Preparations for the Google Pixel 3 continue as the new year draws closer, and it seems that there will be some major changes in this next generation device.

Top of the list is the suggestion that Google is beavering away to deliver superior battery life in the Pixel 3.

This would be highly welcome, after the Pixel 2 somewhat disappointed in this department.

Improving the cell and power-saving functionality of the Google Pixel 3 can also be considered essential, as cutting edge specifications are also predicted.

With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset likely to drive this major phone, it seems that the Google Pixel 3 will be in a strong position to compete in 2018.

Dec 15, 2017 UPDATE – The Google Pixel 3 has been anticipated for some time now, so let’s look at the latest spec predictions for this smartphone. The Pixel 3 comes hot on the back of the Google Pixel 2, which was fairly well-received, but perhaps a little conservative.

Release date rumors

It is unlikely that we will see the Google Pixel 3 until October 2018, with the mega-corporation seeking a convenient window alongside the big guns from the likes of Apple and Samsung. Google unveiled the Pixel 2 cousin and indeed the initial Pixel release, on October 4, so we could see this date repeated once more into 2018.

Google Pixel 3
Image: YouTube / Screenshot

Google has been in the headlines recently due to the success of its Alpha Zero technology, and will be looking to push its credentials still further with a successful Google Pixel 3 release. It will also almost inevitably benefit from the latest version of Android, which has yet to be named.

Codenames leaked

Alleged codenames for the rumored three Pixel units are Crosshatch, Albacore and Blueline, although it is worth noting that three Pixel 2 releases were expected at one time, and this never materialized.

Perhaps the third Pixel unit could allow people to release a more affordable model, which would have a price tag more consistent with the older Google Nexus mobiles.

It is almost a certainty that the Google Pixel 3generation will benefit from the recently unveiled Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. The imminent Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to be the first commercial smartphone to feature this unit, but it should be fairly commonplace by the time that the Google Pixel 3 is released.

Octa-core processor

The octa-core Kryo 385 CPU with four 2.8GHz high-power cores and four 1.8GHz low power cores will ensure that the Google Pixel 3 is a powerful performer.

RAM will also be bumped up to 6GB, although the consensus of opinion is that storage will be frozen at a maximum of 128GB.

Upgraded IP68 waterproofing and dustproofing is likely, while Google has also reportedly been working on shifting the fingerprint sensor underneath the display of the device. However, other smartphone manufacturers have also attempted to deliver this without success.

Speaking of the screen, it is unlikely that the Google Pixel 3 will benefit from a significantly upgraded display. There have been a few suggestions that the manufacturer will consider 4K resolution for this device range.

Camera upgrade

However, it is very likely that the camera will be improved in the Google Pixel 3 generation, with a dual-lens particularly predicted. The lack of a dual-camera certainly counted against the Google Pixel 2, and it is something that will almost certainly be addressed this time out.

With the price of the Google Pixel 2 significantly higher than previous releases, it is hoped that the developer will freeze the price of its premium units in 2018.

Dec 6, 2017 UPDATE: Ahead of the release of the Google Pixel 3, the wrapper has been taken off the processor likely to be included in the device. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is the latest device to be revealed by the component manufacturer, and is expected to be included in both the Google Pixel 3 and Galaxy S9.

Qualcomm unveiling

Qualcomm unveiled its latest processor at an event in Hawaii, delivering improvements in power and efficiency, while the manufacturer also boasts that image processing is significantly upgraded.

Google Pixel 3
Image: Concept

This should benefit the Google Pixel 3 when it is released, but it is not inconceivable that this could be the first mobile to benefit from the 845. While the Galaxy S9 is being linked with this new processor, it may be that the Samsung development schedule rules out this possibility.

Qualcomm boasts that the Snapdragon 845 will benefit from a more refined version of the 10nm manufacturing process. While this will mean that the processing of the Google Pixel 3 should be improved over the last generation, it does mean any revolutionary changes to battery or performance should not be particularly expected.

Instead, upgrades in the Google Pixel 3 generation will be focused on advantages in specific applications. Qualcomm has indicated that it will pair the Snapdragon 845 with the X20 LTE modem, while more advanced LTE technology is to be delivered in forthcoming cellphones.

With the Google Pixel 3 likely to benefit from a Snapdragon 845 processor, along with a compatible antenna, this means that its operation will be faster than the Google Pixel 2 even on the same LTE network.

Qualcomm has also delivered further improvements meaning that the new processor can be paired with T-Mobile’s new 600MHz network.

Exclusivity deal

Some rumors have suggested that Samsung will release a Galaxy S9 featuring the Snapdragon 845, and that the Korean giant will even sign an exclusivity deal for the first couple of months after release. This will mean that no other handset features the 845 until the spring of 2018, but this shouldn’t affect the Google Pixel 3 based on the expected release schedule.

India release

Meanwhile, Google has finally released the Pixel 2 in India at a pretty hefty price tag of ?61,000 ($950). This indicates a willingness on behalf of the mega-corporation to interact with this increasingly significant market. The rapid industrialization of India was underlined by pollution stopping play in a cricket match recently, but there is no doubting the commercial significance of the Asian subcontinent going forward.

Apple has based much of its recent success on increase sales in developing economies such as China and India, and Google will undoubtedly need to target these territories if it is to become a major player in the mobile niche.

The Pixel 2 has been considered a little conservative by some observers, and thus the Google Pixel 3 will need to up the ante significantly.

Nov 20, 2017 UPDATE: With the Pixel 2 now available in the public domain, many mobile fans are wondering what the Google Pixel 3 will deliver. And the corporate maneuverings of Google certainly give us an intriguing insight into the potential direction of this smartphone.

HTC purchase key

One of the most significant moves that Google has made in the last few months is the signing up of large parts of the HTC mobile operation. Clearly Google felt that its smartphone division required the expertise that HTC has undoubtedly developed over its years of working in the smartphone industry, and the company will now naturally have a huge impact on future Google releases.

If there is one thing about HTC has done during its short history it is always respond nimbly to the trends of the market. Thus, the recent release of the OnePlus 5T will have been monitored very closely by both HTC and the new Google operation, with the intention of producing a Google Pixel 3 that is a serious competitor for this smartphone.

Design change

HTC will also probably work on improving the design of the Google Pixel 3 when the smartphone appears, as the Pixel 2 was considered a little conservative in this department. With even Apple having embraced the concept of wraparound designs and curved displays, the Pixel 2 does look dated compared to the smartphone zeitgeist.

So the first thing that HTC will probably look to achieve with the Google Pixel 3 is the inclusion of a curved screen. This should at least make the smartphone appear more contemporary, which is a significant portion of the battle with any modern mobile.

Mid-range conundrum

Strategy will also be critical for the Google Pixel 3 generations. Google has retained the identity of its Pixel range as a mid-priced unit. But is this what are consumers actually want from a smartphone in 2018, and will it lead to the smartphone series becoming a mainstream contender?

Another specification that we can expect to see when the Google Pixel 3 arrives is the inclusion of a dual-camera. While the photographic capabilities of the two Pixel devices released thus far have been somewhat praised, it does seem rather backward to have only implemented a single-lens units.

While this can be justified by the pricing of the device to some extent, many smartphone consumers would rather pay a little more and gain access to cutting edge technology. The Apple iPhone range has proved that smartphone technology is rather price inelastic, so maybe Google should look to produce the best smartphone that it possibly can with the Pixel 3, and not worry about pricing quite so much.

Nov 9, 2017 UPDATE: The Google Pixel 3 will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the next smartphone year, with Google under pressure to improve on this year’s Pixel 2. The improvements made in the Pixel 2 XL, along with its price tag, indicate that the mega-corporation is serious about the smartphone niche. But some considered the Pixel 2 to to be a rather conservative smartphone in some respects, particularly the lack of design changes in comparison to the first generation of the range.

Google Pixel 3

Bezels change

Among the improvements that Google is reportedly working on for the Pixel 3 is a new design for the smartphone that will be revealed in 2018. While the Pixel 2 wasn’t exactly ugly, it also failed to really impress with its aesthetics. And it seems that the new design for the Google Pixel 3 will include seriously slimmed down bezels.

Active Edge update

But it won’t just be physical alterations that Google focuses on. Central to the new portfolio of features included in the Pixel 3 will be a new version of Active Edge. This functionality was launched with the Pixel 2, but the early suggestion for the Google Pixel 3 is that Active Edge will be fully customizable. What this means is that any feature will be launchable from the newly introduced feature, which will certain improve its usefulness.

Wireless charging

Another new feature that Google is reportedly working on for the Google Pixel 3 is the introduction of wireless charging. While the battery life of the smartphone series has generally been praised, and the inclusion of fast charging is undoubtedly welcome, the lack of wireless charging is certainly a black mark against the handset. This is particularly true now the iPhone range has embraced wireless charging with the release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

4K coming?

We can also expect to see a Google Pixel 3 with an improved screen resolution. The buzz in the smartphone niche in 2018 will likely centre around 4K resolution, and it will be interesting to see whether Google embraces this when the Pixel 3 emerges. Certainly Samsung is expected to produce a Galaxy S9 or Galaxy Note 9, and possibly both, with 4K resolution capabilities.

Early reports on the Google Pixel 2 have suggested that it may struggle to shift the number of units that Google was hoping for. Considering that the mega-corporation has invested very significantly in smartphone technology by purchasing a large portion of the HTC smartphone division, it obviously needs to improve with the Google Pixel 3.

Nov 2, 2017 UPDATE: Although it is a long way away, new information has emerged on the pricing of the Google Pixel 3. It is suggested in a new report that the Google smartphone may retail at around 70,000 Indian rupees. The powerful handset will be somewhat reliant on developing economies such as India, so it is interesting to get this early estimation regarding the retail market in the Asian subcontinental nation.

The Google Pixel 3 will probably be an extremely powerful unit, with early specs linked with the smartphone looking rather impressive. It is expected to run Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box, while the smartphone could also feature a 4K resolution screen for the first time. A dual-camera has also been strongly linked with the smartphone, after some disappointment that the Google Pixel 2 was only armed with a single-lens unit.

Google Pixel 3
Image source: Reddit

Struggling sales

It seems that the mega-corporation still has considerable work to do in the smartphone space with the Google Pixel 3, based on the early indications regarding the Pixel 2. Although Google has yet to reveal any official sales data related to this smartphone, the feeling among analysts is that the Google Pixel 2 is unlikely to make a major impression on the smartphone niche.

Although Google has shown a lot of commitment to the technology marketplace by attempting to develop three separate units, many were underwhelmed by the smartphone version of the Google Pixel 2. Featuring a similar design to last year’s model, with only minimal improvements over the previous generation in spces, and priced rather similarly to the iPhone 8, it is suggested that the Google Pixel 2 will struggle to sell at the levels that the manufacturer desires.

Other smartphones certainly outperformed the Google Pixel 2, and it is something that the developer will have to address when the Google Pixel 3 is released. Google has noticeably failed to gain any significant traction with the original Pixel smartphones, and many believe that the second-generation release is not significantly superior to alterthe fortunes of Google in this market.

HTC purchase

The Google Pixel 3 will probably make significant currency from the purchasing of 50 percent of HTC’s research and development group. Although HTC has yet to establish a device in the mainstream of the smartphone niche in the Western world, its expertise should be extremely useful to Google when developing the Pixel 3.

Another area where the Google Pixel 3 can improve on its predecessor is in relation to screen burn. Google was forced to concede this week that there have been some issues with the Google Pixel 2 XL in this department, and we can reasonably expect this to be a major focus of the Google Pixel 3 smartphone.

With affordable technology beginning to appear in the marketplace as well, it is quite possible that one of the Google Pixel 3 devices will be foldable. This would then justify the existence of the three units that are expected.

The Google Pixel 3 is already appearing in the news, despite the recent release of the Pixel 2. The next generation Google handset is not expected until late in 2018, yet the rumor mill is already grinding regarding this key smartphone release.

Google Pixel 3
Image Source: Google Store (screenshot)


Wireless charging

One feature that Google should definitely implement in the Google Pixel 3 generation is wireless charging. This was conspicuous by its absence in the Google Pixel 2, which put the handset somewhat behind its competitors. With Apple having now introduced wireless charging to the iPhone range, this should be considered a must for the Google Pixel 3 in 2018.

Google Pixel 3 Camera

Another major upgrade that Pixel fans will particularly be eyeing is the inclusion of a dual-camera. While the photographic capabilities of the Google Pixel range have been praised, the fact that the manufacturer has resolutely stuck to a single-lens setup is certainly a black mark against the series.

With dual-cameras now becoming standard in mobile phones, Google must surely follow suit with the Google Pixel 3 and stick dual-cameras on the back of its 2018 releases. At the very least, the new premium handset of the three most surely embrace this technology.


Another area where Google could look to improve with the Pixel 3 is storage. This is definitely not a department that Google has particularly concentrated on recently, happy to provide a maximum of 128GB of storage in the Pixel 2 generation. The developer has also been reluctant to embrace the flexible micro SD technology that is a fixture in Samsung devices.

But with Apple and Samsung both offering 256GB of storage in their premium models, and Samsung also including Micro SD as well, Google is definitely a little behind the pack in this area. The manufacturer should definitely double the maximum quantity of storage available in the Google Pixel 3 series, again at the very least in the premium model.

Google Pixel 3 Price

Pricing will be absolutely key for the Google Pixel 3 range, and this will certainly be a challenging area for the mega-corporation. The $849 recommended retail price of the Google Pixel 2 XL has pushed the smartphone into iPhone and Galaxy territory, meaning that the manufacturer can no longer claim to be producing a mid-range unit.

It will be challenging for Google to freeze the price of the smaller smartphone at $649 once more, but this would certainly be welcome and provide a market advantage. If the larger and new Google Pixel 3 handset is to be a serious improvement over the Pixel 2 XL, it is hard to see anything other than a price increase on the $849 figure, meaning that the Pixel 3 generation will feature at least one unit pushing the $1,000 mark.


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