OnePlus 6 Android P Update May Bring Back The Always-On Display

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A OnePlus 6 Android P update may re-implement the Always-On Display feature that was previously removed due to battery concerns.

Always-On Display is an excellent feature that adds a small but notable advantage to using your phone, and the fact that it was removed from the new OnePlus 6 definitely had a lot of people disappointed. New information suggests, however, that the new OnePlus 6 Android P update may actually restore the feature – welcome news to those who like taking advantage of the convenience.

The news comes straight from a OnePlus employee, who has stated that they can add the feature in the OnePlus 6 Android P beta which means you should have access to the feature when said beta goes live for the flagship device.

While it’s certainly possible that the OnePlus 6 Android P update will bring back the feature permanently, it’s also possible that the feature will be nixed again. The Always-On display is clearly an advantage for phones that have it, but if the phone battery can’t hold up under the additional stress of having such a feature, it’s clear that removing it was the right choice.

There’s also the problem that we don’t actually know when the OnePlus 6 Android P update is coming to the new phone, so it appears as if we will be stuck waiting without an Always-On display at least until we see the update rollout.

Despite not getting the feature in this upcoming update, the new rollout will fix some issues with the stability of the operating system and introduce some pretty major bug fixes. This should help make the new OnePlus 6 a much more stable device overall, and will definitely tide us over until the eventual release of the OnePlus 6 Android P update.

Whether we actually see the re-introduction of the Always-On display with the OnePlus 6 Android P update remains to be seen, but it’s clear that the demand is there. While not having the feature doesn’t necessarily break the functionality of the phone, it’s a worthwhile feature that would certainly make the phone feel a little more high-end.

However, the lack of an Always-On display doesn’t seem to be holding the phone back too much, however, given that we recently saw the phone sold out in several different varieties on the OnePlus site itself. While the company doesn’t have the same draw as a manufacturer like Apple or Samsung, it’s clear that they have the chops to produce an excellent phone that competes with high-end devices at a pretty attractive price point.

As mentioned above, there’s no word at this point in time as to when exactly we’ll see the Android P update come to the OnePlus 6, but it should arrive sooner than later and will give us a better sense of whether the Always-On functionality is a fleeting dream or if it’s here to stay.

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