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OnePlus 5T Renders And Specs Leak: What To Expect

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The smartphone market has catapulted into realms of the unknown, especially with the recent iPhone X release. The highly anticipated handset was released to rave reviews, and rival companies are being forced to rethink their development process to compete.

The iPhone X has several new features that have amazed users across the globe, including the incorporation of an OLED display screen, and new facial recognition software. The screen is much brighter than its predecessors, captivating sharp colors for a stunning visual display. Face ID, which utilizes a TrueDepth camera for phone unlocking, is a pioneering feature that sets Apple apart from the competition, with the iPhone being cited as the phone of the future.

Apple’s developments will drive supreme standards of excellence in the field, with competitors constantly upping their game to differentiate and promote their flagship products. The iPhone X utilizes wireless charging, a feature appreciated by countless users, consolidating a great addition to the iPhone. Most high-end phones have yet to incorporate this feature, and it appears the OnePlus 5T will be no different.

News surfaced recently regarding the OnePlus 5T renders and specs, and the handset is scheduled for release sooner than expected. Though this comes as unfortunate news for those who recently purchased the OnePlus 5, technology enthusiasts are excited for the new release, suggesting the smartphone market will be healthy throughout 2018.

The OnePlus 5T renders and specs include a revamped design to match industry trends, where presentation and functionality is extremely important. You can expect fewer bezels and more pizzazz, where OnePlus are positioned to compete with leading brands. OnePlus 5T renders and specs includes a to-notch hardware specification like the original OnePlus 5, and with a new render of the handset recently hitting the internet, the phone seems aligned with expectations, and uses a similar design to the conventional smartphone.

Though the photo hasn’t been confirmed as official, it looks so much like we expect the OnePlus 5T too, it’s hard to dismiss the photo as fake. Showcasing a sleek 2:1 display with minimal bezels, the device looks like the Galaxy S8. This is a smart move on behalf of OnePlus, who are wisely presenting their new handset in a form that aligns with user expectations, and if you’re going to be influenced by someone, it might as well be one of the most influential smartphone companies in the world.

Like the S8, the OnePlus 5T renders and specs are likely to suggest a fingerprint scanner at the rear of the phone, a logical step considering it’s a user-friendly location. There is a strong resemblance to the recently-announced Oppo R11s and Oppo R11s Plus, which have largely influenced the design concept. The device boasts more than looks, and when the full OnePlus 5T renders and specs are released, we’ll have a much greater indication of what to expect.

For now we can speculate, and question the validity of the images released online, which if true provide more information on the handset.

OnePlus CEO Peta Lau recently announced the phone wouldn’t feature wireless charging, where he believes given the current state of technology, dash charging is the superior choice. For those who don’t know, Dash Charge is the system charging system for OnePlus models, and one of their marquee features. Using Dash Charge, you can charge your device to full power in just thirty minutes, significantly faster than wireless charging solutions.

OnePlus were further encouraged to retain their charging method when they realized phones are dormant on wireless charging pads. With this method, you can’t use the phone as it charges, and you certainly can’t operate the phone in the same way as with a Dash Charge cable. Given present day infrastructures, wireless charging arguably brings limitations, not freedom, but the company may consider incorporating wireless charging when the time is right.

OnePlus are in no rush though, feeling as if the extra effort required to introduce wireless charging isn’t worth it. The OnePlus 5T renders and specs will be released on November 16th, and the phone will subsequently be released on November 21st, with a starting price of around $479. Since there is limited information on the OnePlus 5T renders and specs available, in the meantime we will have to wait with bated breath for November 16th.

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