OnePlus 5T Render Has Us Hyped For Upcoming Launch

OnePlus 5T Render Has Us Hyped For Upcoming Launch
OnePlus 5T via Android Authority

Everyone’s favorite flagship-killing brand, OnePlus, looks to have another big launch planned just in time for the holiday season. A lot of speculation has been swirling around OnePlus in recent months regarding whether or not they would release a OnePlus 5T or wait until the OnePlus 6. A newly leaked OnePlus 5T render originally seen on Android Authority suggests that we may see a OnePlus 5T very soon.

Why The Rumors?

This render leak would be big news regardless of the OnePlus 5T rumors. However, with many people (myself included) expecting OnePlus to skip the 5T release; this leak became even bigger news. The reason for the rumors was the lack of a Snapdragon 836 chipset. In the past, OnePlus has released an iterative update to their flagship by including the new Snapdragon processor. This year, however, Qualcomm confirmed that there would not be a Snapdragon 836 processor which led a lot of people to speculate that OnePlus would not release a “T” update to the OnePlus 5. After all, with no new chipset, what could really be updated?

Big Design Changes

Of course, the chip used in a smartphone is just one part of what makes up the device. This new OnePlus 5T render shows that you can drastically change a device without having to add a ton of horsepower. As you can see, OnePlus has opted for a totally new design in this OnePlus 5T render. The home button/fingerprint sensor is gone and a beautiful bezel-less display has taken its place. This design is pretty much in line with what we are seeing from manufacturers these days including Samsung, Google, and Apple. Clearly, OnePlus did not want to wait until next year to grab some interest from consumers.

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Price Will Be The Big Selling Point

OnePlus has always been known for releasing flagship quality devices without flagship price tags. This will likely remain true for the OnePlus 5T. From the leaked OnePlus 5T render we can see that the company has adopted a flagship design. With the excitement over the Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, iPhone X, and Pixel 2 XL it’s clear that consumers want more display and less bezel. However, the prices of a lot of these devices has turned some people away. The iPhone X clocks in at $999 for the base storage model. The Galaxy Note 8 and Pixel 2 XL are not far behind. For some people, those prices are simply unaffordable. In my opinion, this is where OnePlus has a huge opportunity. If they can continue to offer flagship specs and design while undercutting the growing price tags of the big names in the industry then they stand to gain a lot of market share from consumers who have decided $1000 for a smartphone is too much.

Will You Be A OnePlus Fan?

After seeing this OnePlus 5T render and seeing the rumored specs, would you consider buying the new device from OnePlus? Or, is price less of a consideration for you? I want to hear your thoughts about this new OnePlus 5T render and how you think it will compete against devices like the Galaxy Note 8, Pixel 2 XL, and iPhone X. Hit up the comments section below!

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