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OnePlus 5 Rumor Rundown: Ultra-Thin With A Dual-Lens Camera

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The OnePlus 5 could be launched in just a couple of weeks, and the company is starting to really ramp teasers for it to build new demand and whet the appetites of those who are already planning to buy one. This week a photo that is purported to show the packaging for the OnePlus 5 leaked, and the company offered up a very subtle tip that suggested the phone could be extremely thin.

Packaging for OnePlus 5 leaks

Someone reportedly leaked a photo of the side of the box that will hold the OnePlus 5 to Android Authority, and it’s an especially important leak because it appears to clear all doubt about whether the phone will have a dual-lens camera. If the image is real, then the box for the OnePlus 5 will carry this message on its side: “Dual Camera. Clearer Photos.”

OnePlus revealed recently that it had partnered with DxO, the makers of the popular camera benchmarking software, to improve the camera for its next flagship. Thus, it’s clear that the camera was a major focus for the phone and was probably a hint that it will have a dual-lens camera.

The folks at Android Authority also said another source told them that “Focus on what matters” is also part of the marketing messages for the next flagship, along with the “Never Settle” tagline the company has already been using.

OnePlus 5 to be thinner than OnePlus 3T

The OnePlus team has been dropping hint after hint on Twitter, and they also suggested this week that their next flagship is going to be extremely thin. However, they didn’t do so in an oblique manner, but rather, they offered up a sort of puzzle in this tweet:

It’s obviously a photo of the OnePlus 3T, but if you look carefully at the shadow, it becomes evident that the phone is sitting on top of something that’s very thin and perhaps even a bit smaller than it in terms of footprint. We can pretty well guess that the 3T is sitting on top of the OnePlus 5 in that photo, so that gives us a hint as far as sizing goes.

Rumors suggest that the phone will have a 5.5-inch display, which is the same size as that on the 3T. In order to have a display that’s the same size on a phone with a smaller footprint, the company would have to reduce or eliminate the bezels. Thus, the photo may be a sort of hint that what we’ve been hearing as far as the bezels go is probably accurate. This seems to be the trend these days anyway, with companies moving to reduce and probably eventually remove the bezels on their phones in favor of a slightly curved display.

What does the OnePlus 5 really need to stay on top?

If you’ve been following the flow of rumors about the OnePlus 5, then you know that they’ve certainly picked up here recently. But will the phone have what it needs to have to please fans and draw new ones? The OnePlus 3T had a stranglehold on the low end of the smartphone market, and for obvious reasons, but the company will have to up its game even further to continue that.

A dual-lens camera is certainly an excellent start, as one only needs to look at the highly-rated iPhone 7 Plus camera to learn what consumers really want in terms of smartphone cameras these days. The reason OnePlus has managed to do so well in the low end of the smartphone market is because it has done a really nice job with offering premium features at a budget price. Working with DxO is a nice touch too, as it should give the company a leg up in this regard.

And speaking of price, there were rumors that the OnePlus 5 might come with a higher price tag than the 3T. However, it would be a mistake to raise the price much because the company would be alienating its core user base with no guarantee that it will pull market share from Apple, especially with the iPhone 8 on the way.

As far as what else the OnePlus 5 needs to retain its supreme position at the low end, a quad-HD display would be a good idea, as would keeping the headphone jack. Waterproofing is becoming nearly essential these days as well.

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