OnePlus 5 Leak Reveals Prototype, Price, And Dual-Lens Camera

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It’s official, the OnePlus 5, the successor to the OnePlus 3T will launch sometime this coming summer. As the precise date, that is yet to be revealed, as are any specific details about the next flagship-on-a-budget. However, what we do have are prototype image leaks and rumor, here’s what you need to know, and see.

OnePlus 5 Prototype

According to Android Authority, the site which came across this leaked OnePlus 5 image, apparently by an inside source. This is a prototype, so the detail you see, may not be how the device looks when released. As for what can be seen, that’s pretty much a similar looking rear to what we had on the 3/3T. However, there is a vertically aligned dual-lens camera setup visible, although no information about the sensor specifications was forthcoming.

Additionally, there are no size details or display information shared; it looks as though Android Authority were slipped the image and told to guess. As for what you can see, there’s an increased gap between the alert slider and volume rocker. Meaning, nothing much can be gleamed from the rear of a prototype.

We will have to keep our fingers crossed for a front view leak, at least then we will be able to determine more.

Dual-Lens Camera?

Where the possible existence of a dual-lens camera is concerned, the above leak would seem to confirm it. However, as it is a prototype design, we would rather air on the side of caution and assume nothing is certain. Having said that a recent tweet did attempt to confirm the existence of a dual-lens camera. However, it referred to a horizontally placed setup, not the vertically aligned one we see above.

Furthermore, we recently reported about the rumor of the OnePlus 5 not having a dual-setup at all. Instead, this story pointed to a traditional camera setup with a 23-megapixel rear facing sensor, and a 16-megapixel front-facing selfie sensor. Which of the three is correct? Unfortunately, we do not know, although, if genuine, this prototype may be pointing us in the right direction.

OnePlus 5 prototype price Dual-lens camera

Design Sketch

The above design sketch was also given to Android Authority by the same source as the prototype. Is it genuinely from OnePlus, we can not prove its validity. However, if it is, it shows that a rear design not like the one we can see above has been considered. In fact, it looks more like the Google Pixel with its half-glass rear section, not a OnePlus 3T.

Why would such a radical departure from a tried and tested design be in the works? Some who have seen this sketch determine it to be, to remove the antenna lines. As for how likely this will happen, again no one knows for certain, but why move to a rear design that was pretty much disliked by all? For that reason, we can’t see this happening with the OnePlus 5.


If the rumors are true and the OnePlus 5, does set out to wipe the floor with the likes of the Galaxy S8 and be future safe against an iPhone 8. It’s surely going to have to cost more than it’s predecessors, after all, it’s one thing to create a cheaper device that’s comparable. But, to produce a smartphone which can compete is another matter entirely, as such the price will rise.

Seemingly confirming this, the Android Authority, leaker, revealed that components for the OnePlus 5 are more expensive. As such a significantly higher price will be asked for when the handset hits the shelves. What will that price be? Unfortunately, the source did not give clarity to his/her position, but, rumors suggest in excess of $650 is likely.

If this turns out to be true, would this mean the flagship-on-a-budget motto is dead or dying? We’re not sure because handsets like the iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8 can cost more than $900. Which is of course much more expensive than the price being touted for the OnePlus 5. The answer to this will come from fans of the Chinese manufacturer’s handsets if they stop buying then maybe it’s a price too far.

Source: Android Authority

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