Impressive Speed Of Tesla Model 3 Prototype Revealed In A New Video

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Earlier this month during its first-quarter conference call, Tesla gave an update on Model 3 production, saying it is on target to produce 5,000 units per week by the end of this year and 10,000 cars per week by next year. Now a new video showing a white prototype of the long-awaited EV being tested has surfaced.

Model 3 footage shows the car’s impressive power

We have not heard much about the electric car lately, nor did the automaker reveal any more information in the form of pictures or teasers. However, Greg Forrest, a Model 3 reservation holder, captured the video of the white Model 3 prototype and sent it to Electrek. The Model 3, which is going to be Tesla’s cheapest and most affordable car (priced around $35,000), was seen being driven near the company’s Palo Alto headquarters.

Forrest said his Toyota Corolla rental struggled to keep up with the speed of Tesla’s car. He told Electrek that he saw a white release candidate model driving near the campus and was able to keep pace with the electric car for over five minutes.

In the provided footage, we can see how the car could even at low speed outpace its competitors. The Model 3 is seen as an affordable version of the Model S. The P100D version of the Model S has already posted acceleration times of just 2.28 seconds. Now the amazing speed seen at which Tesla’s car pulls away from the intersections in the video just shows the power of its electric motors, notes Inverse.

Even CEO Elon Musk has talked about the power of the electric car, saying that Tesla’s upcoming semi-truck will be powered by several Model 3 motors put together.

Production on track: Tesla

Forrest is not the only person to get spy shots of the Model 3 prototypes around Tesla’s headquarters. Many people have been trying to get at least a peek of the EV since the automaker begun testing its release candidates on public roads in March.

The car spotted by Forrest appears to be the same white release candidate as the one spotted earlier this month. Electrek notes that the car appears to have some of the same panel gaps, but they are not as clearly visible as they were on the last sighting. Last month, a black Model 3 was spotted by a Tesla owner named Wayne in the same area.

During the first-quarter conference call, the EV firm gave no guidance on how many units of its upcoming car it plans to produce and deliver by the end of this year. However, it did promise to provide guidance on vehicle deliveries for the second half of year after commencing production on the mass-market car in July.

“Paint shop preparation has been completed and installations of our dedicated Model 3 body welding and general assembly lines are progressing well……. We are working closely with all Model 3 suppliers to ensure their readiness ahead of start of production,” the EV firm said then.

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