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According to a recent report  McKinsey & Company, obesity costs the world $2 trillion every year. Why is obesity so prevalent in society today? There are many reasons, but the biggest reason is that we sit too much. As the nature of work has changed so have our styles. To make it short, we sit many hours every day, especially readers of this site which mostly work in the financial industry.

But to make matters worse, many times we do more damage to our mental and physical health by sitting in a manner that strains bones, muscles etc. Thankfully, unlike obesity, this problem is easier to solve. I recently tested out a chair that is pretty comfortable and while more appropriate for leisure sitting, could also be used for work. The Sumo Omni Reloaded is a fold-able comfortable chair with several different positions, which can help you work or relax in comfort.




The seat is very portable and can be folded up and transported easily to the beach or from your home office to the pool. Although the chair does not take up much room, when folded it takes up the amount of space as a suitcase. The Omni Reloaded does not require instructions to setup – all you do is take it out of the bag, and it is ready for use with just one fold. Also, when it comes to transporting the chair, folding is easy and very quick.  The chair comes in five different colors and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Omni Reloaded
Sumo Omni Reloaded folded in bag

A few months ago we reviewed the Sumo Lounge while we must admit that the chair is more comfortable it is homogeneous -and not nearly as portable as the Reloaded. The quality of both chairs are excellent and I see no signs of wear or tear on either.

If you decide to get the Reloaded it would be a good idea to get a small desk you can use if you want to do work while on the chair. Additionally, since the seat does not have a cupholder or any pockets make sure to get something to store your items.


Full disclosure: ValueWalk received a free chair to review. We received no other forms of compensation nor get any for any sales of the product discussed or the Omni.

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