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In an interview on FOX Business Network’s (FBN) CAVUTO Coast to Coast (weekdays 12p-2p/ET), Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Mick Mulvaney discusses the latest surrounding tax reform and his thoughts on President Trump’s deal with Democratic leaders yesterday to increase the debt ceiling with anchor Neil Cavuto.


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Excerpts from the interview are below:


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On whether he believes tax reform will be passed by the end of the year and be retroactive:

“I do. In fact when I think it passes, secondly, yes, if it passes by the end of the year it will be retroactive, but to answer the first question, I do.  I think in mid-December when the tax bill passes, people will look back to what the president did this week and say you know what, maybe he was right, cutting that deal in September was a big part of getting these taxes before the end of the year.”


On whether he agrees with President Trump’s deal with Democratic congressional leaders to raising the debt limit and provide Hurricane recovery relief:

“If you stop to think what the priorities are right now for the administration, number one priority is Houston, number two is Florida, and the number three is the tax reform package. So clearing the decks and getting these things out of the way for now, was, I think, the right call, and allows us to focus on what’s important, not only to the administration but to the folks the president represents. So yeah, I think it was a good call and I’m looking forward to focusing on these priorities right now instead of the stuff that can wait until December.”


On members of the House Freedom Caucus not agreeing with President Trump’s debt ceiling deal:

“I don’t get it…in many ways I’m surprised the right wing of the party has not been more receptive to this concept. It give them more time to make their case. Gives them another chance to have the debate in December. All we simply did is move this out of the way for now so that we could run the government during these very critical times. I don’t think, I’m not a climate guy, but I’m telling you I don’t think we ever had two major hurricanes hit the country in the same week. So there’s other priorities right now. Moving it off to December is not burning any bridges, it’s not meeting the swamp, it’s simply looking at the realities of the day and say look, we have to run the government. This is our priority this week, we’re going to see to these things, we’re going to see to the hurricanes, start tax reform, and we’ll deal with these other issues in December.”


On whether he believes President Donald Trump is annoyed at Republican leaders and that is why he made a deal with Democrats yesterday:

“I’ll answer half of your question of is he annoyed at Republican leadership, yeah, I think he probably is. And believe me, as a Republican, so am I. As a citizen, I am too. I was promised that they would have repealed and replaced Obamacare by now…to the extent that the President was annoyed by that is simply reflecting many of the people of this country.”

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