The Holiday Hustle – Productivity Loss Will Surprise You [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Every year around this time we hear, “No one is working the week of Christmas anyways” or “It’s dead this week”. This year Egnyte decided to take a look and see if that is really the case and find out how productivity is really impacted the week of Christmas.

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We analyzed over 3 Billion activities from thousands of business worldwide and here’s what we found:

  • Overall business productivity only decreased 5% (60M activities the week of Christmas vs. 63M activities on avg. for the year)
  • Productivity INCREASED by over 25% for FOUR industries (Business Services, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Education)
  • Android Users Did 27% more work than iOS Users (% of Activities done on Android increased 27% vs. iOS)

It is undoubtedly shocking that there was only a 5% dip in productivity and people will surely be surprised to hear that. This data speaks to the fact that technology and solutions, like Egnyte, are making it much easier for businesses and their employees to stay productive no matter what time of year it is, no matter where they are - Granny’s house, Hawaii, the North Pole ;)

‘Tis the season for time off, right?

Many organizations either shut down their offices or give employees the last week of December off (Christmas to New Year’s Day). Because professionals often use this time to travel, visit family, or relax at home, we were curious to see how productivity is actually impacted by. After all, business must go on even when offices are empty.

We analyzed the data of more than 3 billion activities from last year’s holiday week to discover some interesting trends in overall output. We compared an average week to the last week of the year and here’s what we found:

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Surprised? We’re not. Even during the last week of December, businesses do more with us. Employees are able to stay connected, collaborating however they like, no matter where they spend the holiday.

Wishing you a happy holiday season and a productive New Year from all of us at Egnyte.

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