ObamaCare’s Architect: Higher Premiums Mean The Law “Is Working As Designed”

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Jonathan Gruber, Obama administration believe voters are stupid and that helped pass Obamacare – he also believes that premiums are meant to go up unlike what POTUS told Americans when he ran for office
Washington, DC– Following Jonathan Gruber’s comments Wednesday morning on CNN, in which he said that ObamaCare “is working as designed,” FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon commented:

“You’ve heard it straight from the architect of ObamaCare’s mouth. The substantially higher insurance premiums that Americans will face on the exchanges this year mean ObamaCare ‘is working as designed.’ Jonathan Gruber and the Obama administration really must believe that voters are stupid, as Gruber infamously said on multiple occasions.”

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“The fact of the matter is that President Obama promised that insurance premiums would decline under ACA. That was a lie. He promised that Americans could keep the health plans they had and liked. That was a lie.”

“With premiums rising, ACA cooperatives failing, fewer than expected consumers enrolling in costly health plans under the law, and insurers withdrawing their participation in the exchanges, we can only assume that the eventual collapse of ObamaCare is also by design.”

“Of course, Democrats will continue to try to sell us more socialist snake oil by telling voters that single-payer health care is the only answer. But when ObamaCare collapses, how can Democrats possibly expect any American to believe that more government centralization of health care will work?”

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