Obamacare Disaster And Single Payer Will Trigger The Collapse Of American Healthcare

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The soaring premiums from the obamacare disaster, argues Frank Toto below. For a counterview point see here

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Here is the hard scientific proof why the Obamacare disaster should absolutely and positively be repealed and certainly not be replaced. What is now happening is sobering and definitive action must be taken before it is too late to stop a national disaster.

Please let me briefly introduce myself. I am 46 year veteran and privileged insider of the healthcare industry. I have been conducting a prolific, private R&D program that started about 30 years ago in the San Diego area.

Today, this effort is undisputedly the definitive authority on the evolution, and devolution, of the provider sector of the American healthcare industry.

In short, there is now overwhelming, irrefutable, hard scientific and mathematical evidence that the entire healthcare industry has reached the most critical period in its history, is extremely unstable, and highly vulnerable to sudden and violent collapse–the tipping point. Technically, it’s a bimodal annihilation catastrophe–the little bang that triggers the big bang. For a complete explanation of this universal phenomenon, please Google the term: bimodal annihilation catastrophe.

The entire industry is demonstrably highly fragile and vulnerable to small “perturbations.” About seven decades ago the famous Harvard economist, Joseph Schumpeter, called it creative destruction. This super-critical phenomenon is, undeniably, now at the nation’s doorstep.

Extensively demonstrated in the provided link below, are a few of the scientifically legitimate, historical valid, eminently authoritative arguments that demonstrate irrefutably that the Obamacare disaster should be repealed an absolutely, positively not replaced.

Plus, the hard evidence presented in the link provided proves beyond any shadow of a doubt, that implementation of any form of Single Payer schemes will trigger the sudden and violent collapse of the mainspring Physician Services Industry. It’s huge posting annual revenues of about $500 billion.

The avalanche-like collapse of this keystone industry will in-turn trigger a domino-effect, steam-rolling catastrophe and generate killer shockwaves throughout the provider industries such as the massive hospital industry and the clinical laboratory industry. Hundreds of hospitals will close.

Next, the killer shockwaves will pulverized the tens of thousand of companies in the entire healthcare supplier industry especially the ailing pharmaceutical industry that’s already in a nosedive.

The scientific evidence is incontrovertible; it’s the highest form of evidence. Plus, it’s a ticking time-bomb. And time, precious time, is rapidly running out. The American healthcare industry has been mismanaged for about 100 years; it's astonishing but true and easily demonstrated.
Fortunately, for the prudent Americans, this looming catastrophe presents an unprecedented opportunity to gain recognition for exposing and stopping this monstrous, steam-rolling, cataclysmic disaster.

See the draft on the Obamacare disaster below in PDF format

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