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Now is the Time to Build Your 2015 Marketing Plan

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Now is the Time to Build Your 2015 Marketing Plan

September 16, 2014

by Mandy Fisher

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It is that time of year again — time to review your marketing efforts and build out your 12-month marketing plan so you can start the new year successfully. Whether you are a small or large business, you should build an annual marketing plan to grow your firm,

There are four building blocks that create a well-balanced marketing plan for financial advisors: infrastructure, awareness, lead generation and conversion. I will walk you through each block so that you have a clear understanding of what they are and how you can build your 2015 marketing plan.

Building block #1: Infrastructure

Begin with the infrastructure block, as it is the foundation of the plan. Start by reviewing your branding to see if it is working or if this is an area that you need to focus on this year. Your brand includes your company name, logo and colors. Are you happy with your brand? Does it resonate well with your clients and potential clients? If so, then you can move on to review your messaging.

Messaging is the key words and phrases that you use to define your firm and that differentiate you from other financial advisors. These key words and phrases should resonate throughout all of your marketing. It is vital to ensure that you are sending out the appropriate message to your clients and potential clients.

The next step is to review your website. Is the design outdated? Do you have calls to action where you are asking people to sign up for a free portfolio review or for your newsletter?

If you have not changed anything on your site in a couple of years, then you will want to focus some of your marketing efforts on it this year.

It is easy to get stuck in the infrastructure stage of the marketing-planning process. Even though infrastructure is very important to your marketing plan, don’t fall into that trap. You need to move on to the other building blocks.

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