Nokia’s Android Smartphone Images Leaked Again

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Nokia’s Android smartphone leaked before

In November, we saw images of Nokia’s first Android smartphone – codenamed Normandy, showing what Nokia’s venture into Android world would look like. As per the leaks, that device would be running on a ‘forked’ version of Android, much similar to Amazon’s Kindle Fire lineup.

Now, another picture of the Nokia Normandy has appeared on Twitter, which again seems to be only a prototype with a back button and Nokia logo on the front. This time, however, we’re able to see the UI, icons and the toolbar, but the icon’s name are in Chinese.

This photo of the prototype was first posted on the Chinese social network known as Weibo, and it has looks similar to the images leaked in November. According to people familiar with the project, this phone would be running on forked version of Android, with some UI elements borrowed from Windows Phone and Asha range.

Microsoft’s feelings unclear

Nokia’s Normandy project has been in the pipeline even before the company’s acquisition by Microsoft. But it is not clear whether Microsoft will be interested in releasing a phone which uses its rival operating system. This prototype could be old, or something in the works, but we’ll soon find out what Nokia plans to do with it.

This phone is said to be a budget Android offering from Nokia. However, will it ever see the light of day? Will it be the first Android device by Nokia? That remains to be seen.

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