Is This Nokia’s Android Smartphone?

Is This Nokia’s Android Smartphone?
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Is Nokia making an Android smartphone? That seems too good to be true, but according to The Verge, the Finnish phone maker is working on a low-cost Android smartphone, codenamed Normandy. This device is said to be running on a ‘forked’ variant of Android, which is different from Google’s own version, much like the Android variant running on Amazon’s Kindle Fire lineup.

Nokia’s venture into Android world

Evleaks, the Twitter handle that regularly posts images of leaked devices, has tweeted an image of the same handset. The device shows a design similar to the Lumia, but with no capacitive buttons for navigation. The Verge says that the device will capable of running various Android applications like Skype and many others.

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In 2011, Nokia signed a deal with Microsoft to use Windows Phone OS on its handset, but with the option of opting out in 2014. Perhaps this is when Nokia will be going to release its first ever Android-powered handset.

Low-cost Android from Nokia to compete with company’s own low-cost Lumia

Nokia has been planning to develop this Android smartphone, despite the fact that the company is going to be acquired by Microsoft. What’s not clear is if this Android phone will be released before the Microsoft buyout is complete, or will it get converted to a Windows Phone, or will something else (like a high-end Asha) happen to this phone? Nokia’s deal with Microsoft is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2014.

The Normandy is going to be a low-cost Android smartphone, much like the Asha series, but just like Amazon, the company is going to use a forked variant of Android. This smartphone is expected to be released in 2014. But will it prove to be a successful phone for the Finnish company? That remains to be seen.

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