HMD Global To Launch Upcoming Nokia Smartphones In June

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We’ve been hearing about the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 for months, first in rumors and then finally in official confirmations. However, one thing we hadn’t heard was exactly when HMD Global, the company that’s licensing the smartphone brand, will make them available to purchase. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for official launch dates in most countries, but the company has at least reminded Nokia fans that it hasn’t forgotten about them.

Nokia confirms June launch dates… again

HMD said a while back that it would release the phones by the end of the second quarter, and fans got all excited at the time. Then time kept passing by and passing by, and no further word was heard — until now.

All three Nokia-branded handsets are all set to be released around the world sometime in June. Nokia Mobile confirmed a June launch via Twitter after someone tweeted to ask if or when the company was going to India. The company responded by tweeting that it plans to release all of its upcoming smartphones worldwide by the end of the second quarter. Of course that means a June launch because May is pretty much over with and June is the last month of the second quarter.

The tweet makes it sound as if the three upcoming Nokia handsets will be landing in every country around the world. However, it gives no firm statement about whether any specific countries will be included or excluded, other than India, which of course was mentioned in the original tweet asking about a launch date. Another fan tweeted to ask about Mexico, and the company confirmed that the phones are indeed going to be landing there as well.

Pricing still unclear in most markets

HMD Global has announced prices for some markets, but not for others, which is why some may still have questions about whether the phones will be coming to their countries. The company never gave prices for the U.S., the U.K. or Australia, although it did share pricing for European Union countries. The high-end Nokia 6 will be priced at €229, which would be roughly US$240, while the low-end Nokia 3 will retail for €139, or US$150. The middle-of-the-road Nokia 5 will sell for €189, or approximately US$200. The phones are available in some markets, such as China, but certainly not worldwide.

The nostalgic Nokia 3310 is available for fans in the U.K. for £50, which would be about US$65. The company never announced plans to bring the feature phone to the U.S., although some have indicated that it will be little more than a paperweight in the country, given the technology currently used in the cellular networks in the country.

Whenever HMD Global releases the new handsets, fans will likely welcome them excitedly, if tweets are anything to go by. And sooner would be better than later, given that even more Nokia handsets are apparently on the way soon, even though the 3, 5 and 6 haven’t even landed in most markets yet.

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