NLPC Says Disney Board Of Directors Has Failed

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Shareholders Asked to Vote FOR ‘Communist China Audit

As the Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) celebrates its 100th anniversary, it is so thoroughly unmoored from its mission and the values on which it was founded that we are urging shareholders to vote AGAINST the entire board of directors, including CEO Bob Iger.

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In fact, we find nothing redeeming about the company’s governance prior to this year’s April 3 annual meeting, as detailed in a lengthy proxy memo filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on March 15. From our proxy memo:

Disney Board Of Directors Has Failed

Disney’s re-nominated Board members have presided over the degradation of the company’s reputation and its intellectual/creative properties; and have allowed the Company’s wholly unnecessary involvement in divisive political issues that drive away customers and audiences.

Disney bends over backwards to accommodate its radical progressive employees and their agendas, bashing American history and values, while at the same time bowing to brutal communist dictatorial regimes abroad.

Click here to read our proxy memo.

Disney’s failed board will be reelected but we feel the only appropriate critique of the company’s governance is a frontal assault on its credibility. Our proxy memo, drafted by NLPC’s Paul Chesser, is more than 11,000 words. It is an authoritative account of the transformation of an American institution that parents could trust into a vehicle for embracing “woke” causes, including the promotion of sexuality and transgenderism to children.


We are also urging a FOR vote for our own shareholder proposal (#5) for a “Communist China Audit.” This resolution did very well last year, and Disney fought tooth and nail to exclude it from its proxy this year. After failing to get it thrown out, the company changed the proposal’s name to obscure its intent until we threatened to file a complaint with the SEC.

To vote, it will only take a minute. You probably received an email recently from your broker. The subject line of the email we received from our broker Fidelity was “The Walt Disney Company Annual Meeting.” We voted by clicking on links right in the email. It’s easy! You can also vote by calling ‌1-8‌0‌0‌-‌4‌5‌4‌-‌8‌6‌8‌3‌.

The Left took over Corporate America through activism like this sustained over two decades. It is now our turn. Your support of our Corporate Integrity Project allows to engage and fight these battles.