Nintendo Switch Will Have A 6.2-Inch Touchscreen Display

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The Nintendo Switch console was unveiled last week, and it looks largely similar to what the leaks and speculation had predicted.

Thanks to a heavily-produced release video we now know what Nintendo is going to do with its new console, although details on technical specifications, prices and games have still not been released. However, we do now know that the Nintendo Switch will have a 6.2-inch display, thanks to the team at Eurogamer.

Nintendo Switch to boast 6.2-inch display

A 6.2-inch screen would put the Nintendo Switch in similar territory to the Wii U gamepad screen, and some of the larger phablet smartphones on the market. According to the report, the display will have a capacitative multi-touch capability and 720p resolution.

The touch screens on the 3DS and Wii U gamepad were both resistive, so this marks a departure for Nintendo. Both of the earlier devices offered only single touch capabilities, but the Switch will have 10-point multi-touch, the same as the latest smartphones.

Some commentators have been wondering why Nintendo didn’t mention the touchscreen capabilities in the release video. However, it seems overly complicated to explain how resistive and capacitive touch screens differ in such a short presentation video.

Video shows off multiple control methods

Another theory is that Nintendo wanted to take the time to emphasize the new touch screen at a later date. This could be one way of showing that the Nintendo Switch is a completely new product, rather than an update to the 3DS.

There are some control methods mentioned in the video. One of which is the JoyCon controllers, in use while the main console is safely docked, and then we are shown the JoyCon attached to the console on the move. There are also some multiplayer options that are possible.

When the Switch is connected to your television, the console itself is out of reach, so you use either the JoyCon controllers or a Pro Controller to play. The Switch is tucked away inside the dock, with its screen hardly visible.

One potential answer could be the short-range IR sensor in the base of the right-hand JoyCon. You could point this at the TV to make a basic replica of a touch screen using another IR sensor in the Switch.

Nintendo sure to offer intriguing console

Journalists who contacted Nintendo to discuss the matter were not provided with any further information. There will surely be more details revealed at the media briefing scheduled for January 13.

The Switch certainly looks impressive so far, and the general reaction has been positive. With 720p gaming on the move, fans are set to be able to take a powerful device on the road.

While the Nintendo Switch is nowhere near as powerful as the PS4 Pro or Xbox Scorpio, it seems to be targeting a different market. Instead of trying to attract the same gamers as the more powerful consoles, Nintendo is looking to attract buyers who prefer innovative hardware and games offerings.

It seems likely that the Japanese company will stick to its past form of focusing on unique gameplay. The Switch already has the support of major developers such as Ubisoft, and The Pokemon Company has also confirmed that it will make games for the new console. It will be very important for the success of the Switch that Nintendo can get as many developers on board as possible.

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